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Fairly Odd Parents is the reason I like this name.
PickleJuice  8/18/2019
I’m a Wanda and I see a lot of negative comments from people judging without knowing the person. The same can be said about them. How many people are in jail and happen to have anyone’s name on this message board. It’s so ridiculous. Your character is what makes you and how you treat others - not your name. You can have the sweetest name and be a con artist and a low life.
― Anonymous User  6/30/2019
I'm Australian & Wanda just sounds like how we'd say wander but other than that, I don't care for the name.
ItsDeleceNotDallas  1/14/2019
I just think the name Wanda sounds so ugly... just my opinion.
― Anonymous User  12/29/2018
In 2018, 53 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Wanda who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 238th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/17/2018
It is dated to mid-20th century babies, but is basically a good name, and will probably come back into style one day. My coworker Wanda is around 55 years old and she is charming and generous. I do not understand why people have to say such rude things like "ghetto," "redneck," and "hillbilly." Those are human beings you're talking about. It only reflects horribly on YOU to call people such slurs.
― Anonymous User  9/27/2018
An ugly name, and it has become ghetto by now, if it wasn't in the past. It brings to mind a harsh, angry woman who yells and cusses a lot. I wouldn't even name a pet this awful name.
― Anonymous User  9/5/2018
Wanda sounds really old fashioned.
kayisforkeen  8/7/2018
I think it’s a cute name. I also have a whale shark stuffed animal named Wanda.
Marideth  4/8/2018
A famous bearer of the name is Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Witch from Marvel's Comics and Cinematic Universe.
― Anonymous User  6/12/2017
Wanda Sykes is an American comedian, writer, actress and voice artist. She was first recognized for her work as a writer on The Chris Rock Show, for which she won a Primetime Emmy Award in 1999. In 2004, Entertainment Weekly named Sykes as one of the 25 funniest people in America. She is also known for her role as Barb Baran on CBS' The New Adventures of Old Christine (2006–10) and for appearances on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm (2001–11). From 2009 to 2010, Sykes hosted her own late-night talk show, The Wanda Sykes Show, which aired Saturday evenings on Fox. Aside from her television appearances, Sykes has also had a career in film, appearing in Monster-in-Law (2005), My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006), Evan Almighty (2007) and License to Wed (2007), as well as voicing characters in the animated films Over the Hedge (2006), Barnyard (2006), Brother Bear 2 (2006), Rio (2011), Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) and Ice Age: Collision Course (2016).
cutenose  2/17/2017
Wanda Osiris was an Italian revue soubrette, actress and singer. Born Anna Menzio in Rome, the daughter of a groom, she studied violin at a young age. She debuted on stage in 1923, in the revue Osvaldo mio mi fai morire. She was the major diva of the Italian revue between 1930s and 1950s, until a new type of soubrette, more saucy and comical, surfaced. She retired in 1975 and died in 1994 of a heart attack at the age of 89.
cutenose  1/29/2017
A lot of my Polish relatives had this name.
DundiculutNicholas  1/4/2017
The name Wanda was given to 24 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/13/2016
I'm a Wanda. I've never really enjoyed the name until recently. Nicknames throughout middle school were "Vonda, Honda, Hyundai, Wanders," Didn't really bother me at all. It just felt like such a 'blah' and meaningless name. Oh, and everybody would ask, "Have you seen the movie, A Fish Called Wanda?" That was probably the most irritating. Because I hadn't and didn't care to either. I'm not sure if people would ask that these days, being that it's such an old movie?
WandaMcK  2/11/2016
My parents named me after Polish harpsichordist, Wanda Landowska. I appreciate it so much more than being named Mary.
VondaRoff  1/14/2016
Sounds like the name of a fat hillbilly.
TyrannosaurusRegina  12/25/2015
Though rarely, it is used in Ukraine too.
PlainCoincidence  11/15/2015
In the book series 'Magic School Bus', there's a Chinese-American girl named Wanda. She's very challenging in positive way, grand and full of self-confident. I got good image of name Wanda from her. :) Another famous Wanda would be the female fairy from The Fairly Oddparents.
Lilybellflower  9/23/2015
"Thank you" to all of you who expressed positive comments to the name "Wanda". My Dad chose this name for me 68 years ago! I am a very sweet person and am referred to as "Grandmother" by two precious granddaughters and several other grandchildren who love me because their Mom chose to marry one of my sons! If this is your name, wear it with pride as I do!
sassyone7  3/2/2015
Wanda Gág (1893-1946) was the author of the children's book Millions of Cats.
hkols  9/30/2014
I love this name! It reminds me of Wanda Petronski from "The Hundred Dresses", a book I enjoy. :)
raevynstar  8/20/2014
There's a beach called Wanda Beach.
― Anonymous User  8/18/2014
Unique and magical sounding. I'd use it.
Hushpuppy  5/17/2014
It sounds like Elmer Fudd trying to say "Rhonda."
Meadow  3/16/2014
When I was 7, I wanted to name future brother/sister Cosmo and Wanda. I wish I was joking. This name is okay but I can't imagine a little girl named Wanda.
AnastasiaE  8/27/2013
The heroine of "Venus in Furs" by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.
mymymetrocard  8/7/2012
Wanda Sykes (b. March 7, 1964) is an American comedian and actress.
UniqueNameLover  6/3/2012
Wanda is the name of the heroine in the beloved children's book "The Hundred Dresses," written by Eleanor Estes and illustrated by Louis Slobodkin.
WandaDG  1/22/2011
British actress Wanda Ventham (born 1939).
Just Jonquil  10/23/2009
I don't mind this name, I think it could be a great name on the right person. It has sort of a magical sound about it, possibly because it sounds like "wand", but nevertheless, quite a nice name in reflection. :)
walesgal92  6/28/2009
I don't like this name. It sounds like the name of a mean old lady.
number1212  5/30/2009
Wanda Maximoff of Marvel Comics, better known as the Scarlet Witch.
FMRadio  1/3/2009
I like this name, but whenever I hear it I picture Wanda from The Fairly OddParents yelling "COSMO! YOU IDIOT!"
bananarama  8/21/2008
Wanda is actually the nickname for the character Wanderer in Stephenie Meyer's novel "The Host".
cheshirechelsea  8/18/2008
Wanda is the name of one of the students in Ms. Frizzle's class in the popular TV show 'The Magic School Bus'.
Hato-chan  7/27/2008
The name is borderline trashy and sounds annoying in many people's pronunciation. It sounds like the name of a rather unpleasant and obese middle-aged woman.
slight night shiver  5/13/2008
Wanda is the name of an Oriental student in Joanna Cole's Magic School Bus series. Also, an adult character on the children's show Wishbone is named Wanda.
Atarah Derek  8/17/2007
Wanda was the protagonist of Nobel-prize winning German novelist Gerhart Hauptmann's 1926 novel, "Wanda, der Dämon." This novel was made into a movie in 1952. The name is not uncommon in Germany.
WandaDG  3/29/2007
Wanda first appeared in the top 1,000 names in the United States in the 1880s, perhaps owing to the Ouida novel 'Wanda' which was written and published in 1883, and the name rose from there to its peak of popularity in 1930 (50th position). However, in recent decades the name tailed off somewhat, and has once again been out of the top 1,000 names since the early 1990s. The 1988 film 'A Fish Called Wanda' cannot have helped!  3/5/2007
Wanda is one of Timmy's fairy godparents on the Fairly OddParents, and Wanda Maximoff is the Scarlet Witch.
patchworkgirl  11/4/2006
This isn't one of my favorite names, it is cold and unfriendly sounding.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2006
Wanda Landowska, Polish-born harpsichordist and pianist (pronounced VAHN-dah Lahn-DOFF-skah).
Kosta  3/17/2006
In Poland, it's pronounced VAHN-duh.
kanine  2/5/2006
There was the film A Fish Called Wanda in 1988. Wanda wasn't only a fish, actress Jamie Lee Curtis also played a character called Wanda.
― Anonymous User  12/14/2005
It means shepardess or roamer.
Episodic  5/2/2005
That makes sense - Wanda meaning roamer. Wanda sounds like wander.
― Anonymous User  10/25/2005

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