Warren is the real first name of Potsie Weber from Happy Days.
I'm not usually a fan of masculine W names, but Warren is seriously growing on me lately.

It brings to mind the image of baby rabbits all snuggled together, yet has a nice strong sound to it, and is just a very warm and sweet name.
No disrespect but I don't think the name Warren suits females at all.
Warren Beatty! Also, today is his birthday.
Really strong, masculine name. Also unusual, not used much. I like this name! It should be used more often, but also not so much to be overused, otherwise it would lose its maturity and become like another trendy name that has been used like toilet paper. Warren is a name with class and quality!
Sounds handsome on a boy. Definitely not for a girl.
Warren for a girl? Just no. It's an extremely masculine name.
I didn’t knew this was also used as a first name. I see it exclusively as a last name.
Personally, I love Warren for a boy and girl.
My son's name is Warren! He's 4 and wears a bowtie most days. A mini old man, lol.
Warren sounds kind of old mannish, but for some reason I like it anyway.
Why isn't this name used more often? It's got a wonderful sound to it!
Underrated, strong, timeless male name.
Warren Daniel Graham is a supporting character in the game "Life is Strange" by DONTNOD Entertainment.
Despite having a bit of a dated and some would even say, 'harshness' quality to it, I'm quite fond of this name.
I’ve associated this with Go! Animate a lot since 6th Grade. I personally know a Go! Animate character named Warren Cook.
In 2018, 57 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Warren who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 469th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
My father's name was Warren, my name is Warren, my son's name is Warren. There is no nickname for Warren. My wife calls me fathead.
According to, there are six people in the U.S. named Warren Peace!
The English name Warren comes from the German word "warden", meaning guardian or protector.
Personally, I love the name Warren. But only for a boy. My favourite video game, Life is Strange has a character called Warren and I adore him. Before, I guess I didn't really like the name, but now, the name has meaning.
I'm kind of shocked that no one mentioned Warren Buffett, who's currently the richest person in the world.
The name is derived from the Norman town of Varenne and was borne by William de Varenne, the first Earl of Warren and Surrey. William Warren was a knight in the battle of Mortimer in 1054 and one of the Norman lords who attended the great council at Lillebourne and fought at Hastings. His wife, Gundrada, was either the daughter or step-daughter of William I, the Conqueror.
On Wikipedia, there is a Warren Richard Rodwell, a former soldier in the Australian Army, and university English teacher, who was shot through the right hand when seized (2011 - 2013) on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines by Abu Sayyaf (ASG) militant terrorists. The ASG threatened to behead Warren if the original ransom demand for $US 2 million was not paid.

The biography "472 Days Captive of the Abu Sayyaf - The Survival of Australian Warren Rodwell" by independent researcher Dr Robert (Bob) East was published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom (2015). In popular culture, Blue Mountains (Sydney Australia) techno Cowpunk band Mad Cowboy Disease composed, performed and released "Situation Not Normal", a song written by Rodwell, based on his ordeal.
Common nicknames for Warren include:
Waz, Wazza, Wal, Wally, Wocca, Rabbit & Rab.
I've yet to meet a Warren, so this is a very uncommon name, and I think it would be cute to name a boy this and nickname him "Ren". It's sounds strong yet peaceful.
In my opinion, this name is kind of bland. Plus the meaning is just awful. I'd like it more as a girl's name, that way it would be at least a little edgier.
I like the name Warren a lot. Yes it's a surname, but I think it's justifiable as a first name, unlike some of the more trendy surnames turned first names. I personally have yet to meet a Warren so id say its pretty uncommon! I would highly encourage someone to name their son Warren. I think it would be adorable on a little boy :)
This is my grandfather's name as well as my son's middle name. I think it is a good strong name and it is all boy in my opinion.
Warren Gamaliel Harding was the 29th president of the United States of America.
PLEASE do not consider Warren as a unisex name! It would sound absolutely HIDEOUS on a girl or woman! You must be crazy to think it's appropriate!
X-Men character Warren Kenneth Worthington the third, also called Angel. Http://
A famous bearer is Warren Mears, a fictional character on the TV show 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. He was played by Adam Busch.
What a lovely name! It sounds mature. I think it should be unisex because it doesn't seem to be extremely masculine or feminine, it has a good balance.
Call me crazy but I love the name Warren for a girl. It might be because I love the tv show Charmed and the beginning of the Charmed line was Melinda Warren. So it's a nice homage to my favourite show (I grew up with it - literally) without using one of the sisters' names which will probably be overused as Charmed fans my age start having kids within a few years.
There is an amazing book/movie called "About Schimidt" whose main character is Warren Schimidt, an retired, somewhat grumpy older man whom learns his purpose in the book/movie.
Warren Jenkin is the bassist from Australian rock band Killing Heidi.
Warren is an awesome name for a boy. I have only met one guy named Warren and he is really nice.
A "warren" in a forest is where small game animals breed.
Warren Zevon was a Chicago rock musician best known for the songs "Werewolves of London" and "Lawyers, Guns, and Money." His lyrics tended towards the darkly humorous, and his voice was quite distinctive. Zevon died in 2003 at the age of fifty-six of lung cancer.
Warren Harding was the 29th President of the U.S.A.
The famous actor Warren Beatty.
A warren is a group of connecting rabbit burrows.

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