Warwick is the name of a champion in the game League of Legends.
My last name is Warwick. That is my maiden name. My grandfather came from England. We pronounce the name War wick. I appreciate the information thank you.
Warwick is the name of David Hyde Pierce's character in The Perfect Host.
I really like the sound of this name WAR-RICK, though I have to say that the meaning is not very cool. I am thinking of this name for my next son.
The Roman Catholic church in (Warwick, UK) is where authour of Lord of the Rings got married and where his wife lived whilst he was in the trenches of WW1. He was inspired by different periods of history of the town's Castle (and the Merica kingdom) for Rohan and Gondor. The poem he composed of the elven settlement Kortirion is Warwick, the tall pointed tower of St Mary's church which is very dominant on the town's skyline bar the Castle which is high on the the list of finest castles in England.
The town of Warwick (pronounced the same as Warrick) was founded in 914 AD by Æthelflæd, Lady of Mercia, and sister of King Edward the Elder. It is built on a small hill on the banks of the river Avon which controlled not only the river valley but also the river crossing on the road to London. It is still thriving today, and the county is now known as Warwickshire.
Warwick is a city in the tiny state of Rhode Island!
Warwick Capper, pronounced War- rick, is famous in Australia, he was a Sydney Swans player in the 80's.
As far as I know, the 'w' in the middle of this name is not pronounced. I have known one Warwick and I also live nextdoor to a suburb named Warwick (Perth, Western Australia). Neither of these have the 'w' pronounced. In an American accent it would be pronounced WAH-rick. [noted -ed]
It is also the name of a small medieval town in England.
A famous bearer of this name is Warwick Davis, Wicket in the Star Wars films.
Pronounced as Warw-ick.

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