Very unique.
Good middle name- maybe...not a first name though.
Waylon Jennings is my favorite musician, but I personally would not use this name for a number of reasons. One is that he didn't like the name himself, he was born Wayland but his mother changed the spelling because Wayland is the name of a Christian university. She meant to name him Wayland referring to "highway land", as he grew up in a rural area along the highway. So there's not a deep meaning there. Another is that, while a brilliant artist, the man was no saint. I'll leave it at that. Third, it's a name invented in the 20th century. Perhaps go with Wayland instead?
Never heard of this name before. I think it's quite weird and ugly.
Waylon Park, also known as The Whistleblower, is a software engineer and the unseen main protagonist of Outlast's expansion,  Outlast: Whistleblower. He is the husband of Lisa Park and a father of two unnamed boys.
This name is very different, but I like it a lot because it's unique and has a nice sound.
Waylon (a.k.a. Willem Bijkerk) is a Dutch singer.
"Smithers, release the hounds!"
All I can think of is Mr. Smithers. Sorry.
Waylon Smithers comes to mind, which is not a great association. Besides, the name sounds like 'wailing'.
I had never heard of this name until my best friend's mom had a baby and named him this. I think it's a really cute name!
Waylon Smithers is Mr. Burns' assistant out of "The Simpsons". I may not be fully certain but his name could be W-A-Y-L-E-N.
Waylon Jennings is a famous country singer.

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