With 16 634 535 bearers, Wei is the 2nd most common given name in China (2014 Data). With 71 561 bearers, Wei is the 1st most common given name in Singapore (2014 Data).

Top 10 most common names globally:

7. WEI
10. YAN.
Pu Wei is a retired female Chinese football (soccer) player. A veteran of three World Cup tournaments and three Olympics, Pu Wei competed in USA 1999, USA 2003, China 2007, Sydney 2000 Olympics, Atlanta 2004 Olympics, and Beijing 2008; as China did not qualify for Germany 2011 World Cup and London 2012 Olympics. Until 2013, Pu was the captain of China women's national football team. She retired after a friendly with North Korea on February 15, 2014. Pu Wei finished fifth with the Chinese team at Sydney 2000 Olympics, playing all three matches. Four years later she finished ninth with the Chinese team at Atlanta 2004 Olympics, playing two matches. At Beijing 2008 Olympics, USA 2003 and China 2007 World Cup tournaments, she reached the quarter-finals with her Chinese team. Her best performance, as a member of China women's national team, is reaching the final of USA 1999 women's world cup, losing in penalty-shoot-out. Pu had a total of 219 caps for China, one of the most capped players in Chinese history. She was given a retirement ceremony by the Chinese Football Association, the first such honour given to a football player. She was awarded a ceremonial jersey numbered "219", signalling the number of appearances she had as a member of the national football team.
My name is "巍巍" (Wei1 Wei1) [possibly Wei2 Wei2 in Taiwan], which means "the loftiest" or "the greatest." So everyone calls me Ace, which A) Sounds like "Wei", and B) Has the same meaning of highest/greatest.

The character 巍 (Wei1) is related to the Wei dynasty if the top radical (meaning mountain) is shaved off. The tone then changes to second, making it Wei2.

The character itself is easy to read to young adults and adults who are native speakers of Mandarin Chinese (Due in part to its similarity to "Wei" of the "Wei dai", the Wei Dynasty, as mentioned earlier, and partly because of its cultural significance and prominence in traditional Chinese music), however, it is only taught in college as part of the curriculum.
Wei is the name of the protagonist in the open world video game Sleeping Dogs.
Wei is a character from The Lingo Show, a kids' TV show.
A very strong name for males, though a little too short to stand on its own. My younger brother was named Alexander Wei, as a pun on 'Alexander the Great'.

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