I love the name Whitney, it's very pretty and I'm in love with the nickname Whit. Amber Heard's sister is named Whitney and both of them are strong beautiful kind women! So it's a favourite for me!
Beautiful name on either gender.
Does not sound masculine to me at all. It's a great name for girls.
I mainly view this as a girl's name, but you can do whatever you want. I love the nickname Winnie, I think it’s adorable. My favorite combo is Whitney Corinne.
Male Whitney here - born in the mid 1960's. Named after my father, who was born in the mid 1930's. I never had an issue until Whitney Houston's rise to fame, then it was "You have a girl's name". Prior to that, I would say that I had met an equal number of males/females named Whitney. I answered to Whit most of my life until I found some people struggling to understand what I was saying when I introduced myself. Whitney was easier to recognize, so that's what I use. I was very tempted to name my daughter Whitney just to see my father's reaction.There is a news reporter on the ABC national news here in the USA named Whit Johnson - full name Whitney. He was born in 1982, just before WH's career took off.
I think it's sort of pretty, reminds me of the surname, which can now apparently also be a name, Whitley. I don't like the Whit part, but it isn't bad.
There is a Lake Whitney in Texas and Whitney Lake in Nebraska. Neither are natural lakes, they are man-made reservoirs. I've fished at Whitney Lake in Nebraska. Like all unnatural reservoirs, it was dug for industrial runoff and is artificially stocked with fish. I did catch an enormous catfish. The surrounding area is nice due to the elevation in that area of the state. Major Nebraska pride here!
There was a brief spike in popularity due to singer Whitney Houston. If your name is Whitney, people know you're around 30 years old. It doesn't sound feminine. I wouldn't use it today.
I can see this both for a boy and a girl, unisex to me. It's a wonderful name.
I forgot Whitney was originally a male name. It sounds so feminine.
This is a cute girl name!
Most people I know with this name are female, but I have encountered a few men who have this name. It's more popular for females now, however.
I can’t imagine Whitney on males. It just sounds so feminine to me. Sorry men, once one of your masculine names is used on a girl, it gets more spunky for females, and it’s banned as a males name forever! It’s just that women are strong and independent, and they deliver the babies, not to mention they’re more elegant and sexy, so they are rewarded with extra names to add to the Feminine Name Book, men are nice enough and mature enough to sacrifice the names they formally used for males, such as Courtney, to give to the feminine gender, so they have to create the future of strong boys by giving them strong male names, but girls are named those too. Women already have stolen a lot of unisex names when they already have feminine names, and the only names that are acceptable for boys in this generation are still feminine enough for girls. You know what sucks? Casey is actually more popular for boys, and that’s my name, and I’m a girl. It doesn’t even help that my middle name is close to masculine too. Casey will probably become Madison in the future, hopefully. I don’t mind boy names going to the girl side. I know women already have enough names even more than men, and they keep taking boy names, but that’s because women are creative and that’s a Feminine stereotype, it’s true! I wouldn’t say all males should have very harsh names. There are some girly names I love for guys. Girls are just very awesome at making names and stealing male names for boys, I know that’s rude, but not all boys with those names get teased, just some! I think Whitney for a boy is unique, while it’s trendy for a girl! I still think it sounds more feminine than masculine. Overall, I like this name! Thanks for my speech.
In 2018, 24 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Whitney who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 531st most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 24 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Whitney who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3, 201st most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
I don't know why people would actually name a boy Whitney in current times.
I am called Whitney and to me I think the name is sexy and classic. It is a name you can say confidently and by itself it earns you respect and love from the people around you even before they know your personality. I would recommend the name to anyone who wants to name their kids this. It is a good name and am grateful to my parents for giving it to me.
Male Whitney here... was teased as a kid in the late 80's when Whitney Houston became famous. Still people address their mails/letters, 'Dear Mrs. Whitney' :-(
I love this name for a girl. It's light and feminine without being cloyingly sweet, playful but not ridiculous, and still mature enough to grow up with her. I absolutely love it.
Really pretty name, wouldn't name a boy this since it sounds a lot like Britney.
The name Whitney was given to 373 girls born in the US in 2016.
90 percent of people with the first name Whitney are female.
Whitney is the daughter of Satan in Pokemon Gold and Silver.
To elaborate, Whitney is a normal-type gym leader; she's not actually the daughter of Satan. But she's very infamous because of her Miltank.
I sometimes get teased about the name but I like my name. I am very rare, I am a red head. In my school there is only about ten red heads. I don't mind Whitney Houston at all, but I don't like being called Whitney Houston the drug addict.
Whitney Shikongo is an Angolan model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Angola 2014 and represented her country at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. Shikongo was taking a Humanities Course in the eleventh grade semester when she decided to join the Miss Angola pageant. On August 25, 2014, she was crowned Miss Huíla Angola 2014 and represented the region at Miss Angola 2014.
This is a nice name but I prefer it on girls more than boys. A nice nickname might be Tina.
I actually only like it on girls. It's very pretty.
Whitney is a beautiful name, I named my third daughter Whitney Ann. She absolutely loves her name! Oh and she's all grown up lol, she never had another girl named Whitney in any of her classes over her 12 years of schooling.. that made me happy!
I want to name my daughter this one day. It just seems sophisticated yet fun. I feel it's got the best of both worlds. It can be serious but also fun-loving. Also it has been heard of by the majority of people but yet is not as commonly used like jessica or ashley. So it is still somewhat unique.
This is my name and I hate hate hate this name. I find more guys with this name than girls and frankly, I just don't like it at all.
On the show Smallville, Lana's season 1 love interest was a male named Whitney Fordman.
I usually can't stand used-to-be-male names on females, but I can't help but like Whitney on a girl.
Wow, I think it sounds masculine. It did originate as a surname, after all. II guess I'm in the minority; I think Whitney would sound very handsome on a boy. It seems quite unfeminine and harsh to me, but unfortunately it's pretty much unusable for boys these days. I can also see it aging well on a boy; not so much on a girl however. It's quite dated on females.
Such a beautiful name for a girl. I could not see this name on a guy. It's super unique and it ages perfectly. I would definitely use this.
My name, barf. I think this is such a ditzy-sounding name. I was named after Whitney Houston. She seemed like a decent person, though I don't care for her music. Though I also associate it with that annoying pink-haired gym leader in Pokemon, which puts me off it more.
Whitney Houston died in Feburary 2012. [noted -ed]
I love the name Whitney for a boy and am glad to hear there are male Whitneys out there who like their name! I think Whitney sounds really dated, boring and cheap on a girl but extremely handsome and dashing on a boy. If I can I'd love to name a future son Whitney and call him Whit.
I really can't imagine Whitney on a boy! Mainly because most people (I'm not saying everyone but most people) will immediately think of Whitney Houston.
I think Whitney is a pretty name for a girl. ^^
It is my name and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I've always loved it. Whitney Housten's popularity annoyed me in the 80s because people are not very original but I never wished Whitney wasn't my name. It's very rare that I ever run into another Whitney but my name is not so rare people act like they have never heard it or know how to pronounce it. I met a boy name Whitney in college and he seemed to like his name and be well adjusted.
Whitney Thompson, first full-figured winner of ANTM, Cycle 10.
My name is Whitney, I'm a 25 year old male. Whitney is a family name (my father and great grandfather both used it).Whitney is actually my middle name but for some reason I went by it (my father did as well). When I was young I used to get a lot of grief for it, but once I was in junior high it was never an issue again. I have met several female Whitney's, though I've had any as a classmate/co-worker/close friend, so I suppose it's not that common of a name. I find that people tend to remember my name easier because most people haven't met a male Whitney before.Last weekend I met my first male Whitney at a mutual friend's house party. We both agreed that no matter how high a note Whitney Houston can sing, we'd still be able to forgive her. In conclusion, love my name and glad I never started using my lame first name.
I personally wish this name would go back to being strictly a boy's name. I would love to name a son Whitney. If I do end up using it, I will more than likely use it as a middle name, partly to avoid teasing but also because I simply prefer it in the middle.
This name was strictly a boy's name until the later half of the 20th century.
It's bad enough that this is Paris Hilton's middle name, but even worse is Whitney Houston, who behind a beautiful voice hides a life of drugs.
I have a certain difficulty imagining a guy named Whitney after only knowing the female singer Whitney Houston as the bearer of this name for so long. The name has never sounded masculine to me, and I also know it to be Paris Hilton's middle name. It actually suits her better than it does Whitney Houston, as the name itself sounds white. This name also rhymes with Brittany/Britney. All in all, it wouldn't sound very masculine today. The first syllable sounds masculine enough, but the second destroys that effect.
Whitney is the middle name of actress Anne Hathaway.
Also used in Ireland.
It seems like a very serious name, along the lines of Hadley, Prescott, and Addison. It's a strong name.
This name is a little too creative for me, but it also has the unique edge to it.
I think Whitney is a wee bit too feminine for a little boy.
Whitney sounds like a great name. It's definitely preferable to the name Britney. I hope it never becomes too popular, I wouldn't mind naming my daughter (or son) Whitney. It just sounds like a very strong and intelligent name to me.
My name is Whitney and honestly I love my name. It is rare that I run into someone with it and I value that uniqueness. Now the downside to that is that people very often end up calling me "Britney" or "Wendy", I get that a lot. But once you correct them then they never forget the name because it is unique enough. I also dislike this comment I get so much: "Whitney? As in Whitney Houston?". Lol it makes me want to say NO not as in Whitney Houston, I am NOT Whitney Houston. But overall it is a great name and I am glad I have it. I am really surprised with the changing trends it has not yet come back into popularity.
The name of Lana Lang's original boyfriend in the Smallville series.
I love this name, to me it just sounds pretty.
Whitney, TX
Whitney, NE
Whitney, WV
also Lake Whitney in Texas and Whitney Lake in Nebraska.
I think the name Whitney is better used on a girl than a guy. In my town the name has come popular.
Paris Hilton's middle name.
This poor girl I know, her name is "Whitney Spears." I will feel sorry for her FOREVER!
A famous bearer is Eli Whitney, the inventor of the cotton gin.
The name Whitney makes me think of the smartest and most beautiful girl in the world with the prettiest eyes and most gorgeous smile. And for some reason she also has cute Terry McKissick legs.
I think it's a very pretty name and that it is fun to say and beautiful to hear. It's also not popular and it doesn't have any bad connotations, which are both great assets. Overall, I think Whitney is a great name which makes people think of strength and intelligence.
This name is so beautiful, I also plan on naming a daughter this.
My last name, I've been called Whitney Ellen by so many teachers you have no idea. Anyways, I think it's a nice first name too.
A famous bearer is singer Whitney Houston.
The Whitney Chronicles is the title of a Christian "chick-lit" book by Judy Baer.

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