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Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. weeg-laf(Old English) WEEY-lahf(Old English) VEEG-laf(German)  [key·IPA]
Other Forms FormsWilaf

Meaning & History

From Old English wig "battle, war" and laf "remains, remainder" (see laibō).

In the epic poem Beowulf, Wiglaf son of Weohstan (weoh, with guttural H, is a variant pronunciation of wig) is a loyal thane and distant relative who succeeds Beowulf as king of the Geats.

Wiglaf was also the name of a king of Mercia in the early 9th Century. His son was Wigmund, and his grandson Wigstan.

A modern bearer of the name is the German satirist Wiglaf Droste.
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