Also used as a masculine name in French:
This name makes me laugh- it's just as bad as Billy.
Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't tell me that some old woman is gonna name their son and daughter Willy and Titty! That is plain horrible!
Is this even worse than Dick?
Although I now know that Willy is vulgar slang thanks to these comments, I still think it's okay. Why do people have to ruin good names like Willy or Fanny and turn them into vulgar slang? At the least Willy makes more sense as a nickname for William than Bill (although I still like Bill). Willy in my opinion is an okay name that rolls off the tongue well. Also, I'm sure no one living in the States, UK, or any country that has Willy as slang will name their child Willy, because no one is that oblivious. I'm pretty sure the people who name their child Willy live in places where Willy hadn't developed into slang, so your warnings are kind of pointless. Also, to Anonymous User 5/14/2010, wtf?
Willy Wonka XD.
It's a vulgar slang...
Willem Alexander (a.k.a. Willy) is the king of the Netherlands.
I am sorry to say that yours is a nonsensical comment, as Willy (along with Wim-Lex) is one of the names that *some* Dutch people use in order to refer to the king in a disrespectful manner. He is not commonly known as Willy, nor is he known as Willy by his immediate family. His father Claus stated soon after his birth in 1967 that his "roepnaam" (name for everyday life, especially in private) would be Alexander. This eventually became Alex, as became clear from a famous comment that his late brother Johan Friso (1968-2013) once made about him: "You can beat Alex up, but don't kill him, because then I would have to become King!"
It can also be a short form of the name Wilbur.
Willy is a slang for penis. I wouldn't use it. Will and Liam sound better and more mature anyway.
I thought Billy was the worst nickname for William. I was wrong. Willy takes the cake.
I like the name Willy, it's my dog's name. I've never heard of it being a slang word. It's a shame, there's nothing wrong with the name itself.
I really love name Willy. It's the name of my favourite character in Tim Burton's movie 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' Willy Wonka. I would give my son the name Willy even though I live in Slovenia where there is the more popular variant Vili. But still I would name him Willy Edward- I think it goes together perfectly. As the feminine form I think it would go Willow (her nickname could be Willy) as much as I like Lilly and other forms.
This is dreadful even as a nickname! I would never name my kid something that is vulgar slang.
I've known several Willy's, but never once associated it with (nor heard it associated with) male genitalia until I came on this website. So I think it's a fine nickname.
In my country Willie or Willy is just a normal name for man or woman. A bit like John or Janet.
Willie is my mother's name. Short for Wilhelmina.
Don't people know that this is slang?
It refers to a male's penis for crying out loud. It's just as bad as naming a kid 'Dick' or 'Jackin'.
The name Willy was given to 44 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Works great with brother Dick!
The kid will be teased and teased and teased. Don't even go there. Off this name, right now! Off you go!
Bad idea!
Listen to the German pronunciation of Willy here:
This dreadful nickname will forever be associated with the male organ. Billy or Will would be much better.
Famous bearer is Willy Brandt (born Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm), Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1969 to 1974. He received the Nobel Peace Prize.
I think that it is a very cute nickname when you are a young boy; when you are a teenager it is funny and memorable; and when you are an adult, it is time to switch to William.
Willy Kyrklund is a Finland-Swedish author, born 1921 in Helsinki, Finland, living in Uppsala, Sweden. Honorary doctor at Uppsala university in 1994.
Willy Wonka is a chocolatier.

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