To preface, I'm not usually someone who likes very modern or recent names and often think they are immature and lack substance. However, Wren is the exception. Even though it hasn't been around for a long time it has a very timeless feeling and evokes the same charm as names like Flora or Willow. I strongly disagree with people who say this sounds masculine. If that were the case, the same logic would have to be applied to names like Gwen or Brynn. Wren sounds very soft and feminine, but not overly frilly. It strikes a beautiful balance. By that I don't mean that boys can't also have this name, it would just be a very pretty and delicate name, which suits many boys quite well! I, however, prefer this as a name for girls and women. The meaning is simply stunning, in my opinion. Overall a name I'd seriously consider for a future daughter if I would live in an English-speaking country.
Wren is one of my favorite names! I like it as a unisex name, personally.
In 2019 the name Wren was given to 7 boys and 31 girls in Ontario, Canada.
It's beautiful and soft but also rising very quickly. Could definitely see this in the top 100.
I think this name is gonna keep rising in popularity for at least another couple years. It's off to a good start.
A little too modern for my taste, but I don't really see anything wrong with the name Wren. Pair it with the ideal middle name and you'll get yourself a trendy, yet timeless combination.
Super cute, definitely recommend.
This name is so gentle and lovely and I think it suits a baby as much as an older person. I personally prefer it for boys.
Sounds too much like "wrench" for me to like it.
Adorable name!
I think this is beautiful!
Wren the birdie.
It's alright, though I prefer Rinn or Rinna.
I personally always loved this name and use it as a character name when I play games with people. I always get a similar comment: "Wren? Sounds like worm." I figure someone with this name might get this comment a lot, so keep that in mind when considering this name.
Never understood the appeal. I also see it being mentioned a lot on baby name sites.
This seems largely overlooked as a last name in the comments. I’m a direct descendant of Sir Christopher Wren who was the lead architect for the project to rebuild London after the Great Fire in 1666. There is a monument (doric pillar) that still stands in London for his efforts along with Robert Hooke.
This name belongs to one of my closest friends. Even at age 30, he's rockin' it as if it's always been a top 10! He relates some of his personal characteristics to the Wren bird.
I don't think the EXTRA 'W' at the BEGINNING is NECESSARY. REN is ALREADY beautiful enough so why WOULD you add the W?! At LEAST it's the NAME of the bird but STILL!
Love the name for girls, don't like the spelling though.
The name Wren was given to 111 boys in the US in 2018.
I first came across this name in the Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. There's a character named Wren who is a male tiger with the ability to turn human. I really like this name for a boy, but also I think it's just as pretty for a girl.
There's a male character in the comic book series Children of Proteus named Wren.
This name is sometimes given in honour of Sir Christopher Wren, an English architect and astronomer, renowned for designing St Paul's Cathedral.
The second only W girl's name that I like.
The name Wren was given to 111 boys in the US in 2017!
I love the name Wren, but it seems more like a girl name to me. A friend of mine named her daughter Lauren Paige, with the emphasis on the 'ren' portion = la-REN. Everyone calls her Wren and it's beautiful!
I think it's a sweet, special name. And while I understand those who don't think a nickname can be longer than a name, I disagree. Many nicknames are given as a sign of affection and I don't see anything wrong with that.
The name Wren was given to 87 boys in the US in 2016.
It is the best name ever.
I love the name Wren because it is so cool and epic and if you are a person that hates on the name WREN then your opinion is WRONG.
A famous bearer of this name - in a way - was fashion designer L'Wren Scott (April 28, 1964 – March 17, 2014). Though her birth name was actually Laura.
My name is Wren. Recently I was extremely happy and relieved to discover that this name has another meaning, other than English Songbird. So in case anyone was wondering, the meaning of Wren is Little Chief or Tiny Conqueror. I hope you liked this as much as I did. :)
Rebel by Amy Tintera.
I dislike the name Wren, as with most similar names. To me, Wren seems overly delicate, and it also seems "cute" in the sense that it won't age particularly well. It is hard for me to imagine a grown woman named Wren.
My name's Wren, I like my name I'm a boy 13 years of age.
In Britain, a Wren was a member of the Women's Royal Naval Service.
Since a Wren is a very small bird I think this is rather sweet on a grown woman.
Perhaps it's a family surname handed down when used on a boy.
Wren CAN also be a boy's name. I know a man named Wren.
Although this appears to be used primarily as a girl's name, Wren Kingston is a male character on "Pretty Little Liars."
Wren is a dreamy, beautiful girl name. :)
Wren sounds petite. I guess because a Wren is a small bird.
My sister's name is Wren Rose, and I have always loved the name. It is very unique and quite lovely. We usually end up calling her Wrenny, which is cute.
I predict this will be in the top 1000 in a few years. It came very close in 2012, just barely missing the number 1000 spot (which wasn't exactly official because a few names tied for 998 I believe). It was given to 250 girls in 2012.
I love nature so I love this name like
The name robin
As in Robin Wren
Or Wren Robin
But now that I think of it Wren Robin sounds like Red Robin so I guess Robin Wren is better.
I never even realized this was name. It's the name of a bird, but then again I guess that doesn't matter to a lot of people considering the popularity of robin. At first glance, I would assume this is a boy's name. I wouldn't use it, but I have to say I think it'll age well, which is so rare to find with all these modern names today.
Wren. I think it's definitely a cute name that has a nice ring to it. Not too feminine or too masculine, although I would only use it for a girl. The only problem for me is the whole bird connotation. It's like naming your daughter Pigeon. Or Magpie. I think Wren or Ren is perfectly fine as a nickname for Karen or Catherine or Renee, but not as a full name.
A nickname should not be longer than the real name is was given for. That completely defeats the purpose of a nickname. Names that are as short as Wren should stand alone.
Wren is the baby, and the youngest child, in the comic strip Baby Blues.
Wren could be a neat namesake for a family member named Lawrence.
Wren can also be a boy's name. (Although it sounds feminine).
I think it's very pretty, but a little too simplistic for a first name, as others have said. It makes a great middle name, though.
The only person I knew with this name was a guy. I also thought that this name would be more popular.
It's not all that bad, but despite liking the short and simple Brynn, which is also a monosyllabic name, I find this name a tad too minimalist, and it doesn't sound nearly as pretty as Brynn. The vowel sound in Brynn is simply nicer than it is on this name.
I think Wren is simple yet beautiful. Understated and rare.
Wren Stevens from the television series Even Stevens. She is the older sister of Louis. Portrayed by Christie Carlson Romano. Wren is the epitome of perfect and quite the opposite from her younger brother. Even Stevens is about them not getting along, as well as other teenage problems and things.
Ren Stevens on the tv show Even Stevens was named Ren spelled R-e-n. There was no double u W. I looked it up on IMDb to be sure, but I remember she had the letter R in her room or something. Ren can be a nickname for Renata/Renate.
I think this name is kinda weird and well, childish. I know a girl who uses Wren as her nickname whose name is Sharon.
Wren is Tom and Hester's only child in the books Infernal Devices and Darkling Plain which are part of the Mortal Engines quartet by Philip Reeves.
I've never crossed anyone named Wren but I have come across the name in a book. The character was male so I'm used to the name for a guy, not a girl.
Wren is the name of the heroine in Sherwood Smith's book, "Wren to the Rescue."
I've also heard it used as a guy's name.
My middle name is Wren. It's what I choose to go by instead of my first name. I love it! My grandmother insisted that Wren be my middle name and I have loved her for it ever since. I am 11 weeks pregnant and we plan on using Wren as the middle name if it turns out to be a girl.
I like this name! It's spunky and cute.
This is a very pretty name, unique. I like the nickname Wrennie/Rennie.
I have a second cousin who's a guy whose name is Wren.
It's a rare name, but beautiful and simple. I've also heard of it used as a male name, supposedly the name of a Danish noble or prince, but I can't say for sure whether that's true.
Wren is kind of pretty. Nickname could be Renny.
A maiden being trained as a priestess in Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Avalon" series.

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