Wubbe is used as a masculine name in West Frisia (located in The Netherlands), but also here and there in The Netherlands itself (often by non-Frisian parents that simply have a love for Frisian names).To get a slight idea about the frequency of this name, see the link below (assuming you know where West Frisia is located in The Netherlands): (West Frisia)Note that in the link provided for West Frisia, the popularity rankings listed reflect The Netherlands as a whole, not the province of Friesland (i.e. West Frisia) only. However, some Frisian first names are so typically Frisian, that they are hardly used outside Friesland, so then it *is* possible to get a pretty good idea of how common they are in Friesland. The thing is, though, one would have to be a Dutchman knowledgeable about Frisian names, or a Frisian living in Friesland or elsewhere in The Netherlands, to gauge which Frisian name is hardly used outside Friesland (and thus whether its popularity rankings on the website of The Meertens Instituut mostly reflect those of Friesland). But fortunately, I can tell you that Wubbe is mostly seen in Friesland itself - outside Friesland (i.e. The rest of The Netherlands), it is more often seen as a surname, rather than a first name. As such, the popularity rankings listed for Wubbe will indeed give a fair idea of how common the name is in Friesland itself.
The Dutch pronunciation is WU-bu. [noted -ed]

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