The kindest and most amazing and life changing person I’ve ever met had this name (however she spelled it xanthipi) and it just made me love this name so much! Please pick this name and give it a better impression!
I never knew that this name was associated with quarrelsome women until just today, but seeing as how she was married to Socrates I can understand why she would be disagreeable and quarrelsome if she had to live with him!And how is this name tainted? And why, may I ask, is it that women are not allowed to be disagreeable or even spiteful (never mind that spite is a bad quality)? Men who have those same qualities are not judged nearly as harshly as women with those qualities? This is a perfectly attractive name and it could even be redeemed; give it to a girl or woman with a strong, confident personality.
I've heard zan-THIP-ee. It's a character on "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." The character goes by Xan.
Meh, this is also pronounced ksahn-THIH-pee. But there's a ton of other options to pronounce it too.
I know they give the pronunciation with the name, but I think Xanthippe sounds prettier with the first syllable stressed: ZAN-ti-pee. Either way, it's beautiful.
It looks pretty, but for some reason this name always makes me think of accidentally biting your tongue (something about the 'thippe' on the end).
I like this name, but unfortunately, this is made out to be a bad name by historians because of the traditional stories that the historical Xanthippe was a shrew. Many of these are now believed to be fiction rather than fact.

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