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Really cool meaning, but this would be quite a pain to learn how to spell.
kayisforkeen  10/9/2018
Pronunciation: So-chee-ket-zahl [noted -ed]

This is obviously NOT a name for people who don't know the history and power behind it.
sugarkisses  7/29/2017
If I saw it I would assume it was pronounced Zoh-Chuh-Kweh-Ette-Zul.
ERK  11/25/2016
Anyone who loves this name should GO FOR IT. Who cares if it's hard for others to pronounce or spell? People need to get used to things that aren't from their culture. Xochiquetzal is a beautiful name to be proud of; it has survived colonialism and genocide. Shirk off the Beckys and the colonizers and confuse their tongues. Make them say it. Make them recognize your culture.
PrincessKim  8/8/2016
Okay, okay, okay! To all those saying Amber Monkey's comment was an offensive thing to say, back off! Everyone has an opinion. I bet all of you think some names are retarded, too! Because I know I hate some names. I mean, read the comments about my name (Sierra). People are calling it white trash, and heck no I ain't offended! Geez. Let people have their opinion for once. Cut the girl some slack. However, an argument like this IS retarded (basically I'm telling all of you to get over it).
blondieboo629  7/30/2011
Dear God, why are we even talking about this name? Some of the commenters up there are just... I mean, come on, who would *actually* name any kid this name? Why are people all saying, "This is a terrible thing to name a person"? Hello! We all know that! Doesn't mean that the name itself, the sounds that make it up, is beautiful. Ignoring the whole other language thing, ignoring the "funny" spelling, looking purely at the sounds, it's a very nice name. I like the 'sh' and the 'k' and the 'tz' sounds.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2010
There's a Nahuatl name Quetzalxochitl, which means "feather flower" in Nahuatl. It's a reversal of Xochiquetzal. They both come from the same Nahuatl words ("xochitl" and "quetzalli").
― Anonymous User  12/17/2009
In my opinion the meaning is lovely but it's difficult to spell and pronounce. Also to add people do have their own opinions and you should respect them, but don't go too far.
Fray  11/2/2009
Call me crazy, but I LOVE this name.
I wouldn't use it for a person, but I would use it for a character.
-Julia-  9/6/2009
Xochiquetzal has a beautiful, beautiful sound, and it's very exotic and cultured, but, like Aphrodite, I think it's too long and complex to be a person's name. I do love it, but I can't imagine a person bearing this name. Please keep it for the Goddess. Consider the simpler-sounding name Xochitl, which means "flower" in Nahuatl, as an alternative.
― Anonymous User  7/23/2009
This name is very beautiful :) and is part of a deep past, connected to a beautiful language.
Nadia17  5/14/2009
Personally, I think it's a beautiful name, but too long and too hard to pronounce based on how the name is spelled. This name is not "retarded" (sorry, that post is probably months old but I had to reply), it's different. It's cultural.
emmiix3  3/15/2009
School would be a nightmare with a name like this. Mispronunciation, Teasing and questions like:

"What's that on your paper where your name's supposed to be?"

"Hah, funny! No seriously, what's your name?"

"How do you spell that?"

I recommend not naming your child this, or if you do, make up a much simpler spelling that the everyday person can actually comprehend.
Junidoe-Josephine  11/16/2008
Could we please stop insulting this name, just because it may seem unfamiliar to most of you. It may be spelt a little "strangely", but the meaning and pronunciation is beautiful. Besides, our names probably sound weird to some of them.
BlackMartian923  10/21/2008
I like it and I can pronounce it without difficulty, but that's just me. I wouldn't name my kid this, but I would defiantly use it for a character in a story.
MisquotedWarrior  8/19/2008
I like how diverse and almost other worldly it sounds. I'm using names like Xochiquetzal for the names of cities in my stories.
Renthead13  11/17/2007
People who would name your kids that, please please think about how many years it's gonna take them to be able to spell it!
helenus  8/4/2007
I think that it is an awful name! I wouldn't name my child that!
― Anonymous User  3/10/2007
This is a REALLY weird name. But I like it. It sounds really pretty, and the meaning is beautiful, too.
― Anonymous User  3/7/2007
It's pretty hard to pronounce, and when I tried it sounded weird. The meaning is beautiful, though.
7up  2/11/2007
Xochiquetzal is a BEAUTIFUL name! This will be the middle name of my second daughter. All of my girls will be given Aztec Goddess names for middle names. I love it!
apikaila  1/21/2007
I can pronounce this name, because I know Spanish a little. For the English speakers, it is really difficult. It's a very strange and exotic name.
― Anonymous User  1/6/2007
It's a lovely name.
― Anonymous User  11/1/2006
I don't care how it's pronounced, it's an ugly, stupid, and retarded name that no one has.
amber monkey  3/19/2006
Couldn't agree more ^—^ Amber is entitled to have an opinion and I for one happen to agree with her.
As though the SOUND of Xochiquetzal may sound nice, the spelling is not. To us from the English speaking countries, it looks like a cat ran across the keyboard.
Also, its way too much of a mouthful and a migraine for anyone unfamiliar with the name learning to both spell and pronounce it.
ThatMazerunnerfan  11/19/2014
I think this is a beautiful name and I think it is not ok to say that is "retarded". That is offensive, because some people ARE named Xochiquetzal and it's one thing to say you hate the name, but to say that it's retarded is really pretty mean. It's great that you can express your opinions, amber monkey, but you could do it in a way that's kinder.
nelirosala  6/24/2006
I think this name is very beautiful. And, Amber Monkey, no offense or anything, but you have no right to be saying that this name is "ugly and retarded" because, I've been reading your comments and you tell other people to not be rude about other names.
― Anonymous User  6/15/2006
Not everyone uses the English alphabet, you know. There are other cultures with other ways of writing. This was the best transliteration ANGLO scholars could make. The people who came up with this name didn't know how odd it would look in English. It was never their concern.

I think it's a beautiful name. I wouldn't necessarily name my daughter this for numerous reasons, but definitely a character in a book, or a kitten.
Sabrina  6/7/2006
That's actually a very rude and infantile comment. Xochiquetzal is a beautiful name and you are insulting the Native Mexicans. What if someone told you that your name was ugly and stupid just because they couldn't pronounce it?
Caprice  4/3/2006
I don't believe Amber Monkey was being ride and "Insulting Native Americans" at all with her comment. She is expressing her opinion, which, like mine, is that this is an awful, atrocious name -- absolutely hideous (in my opinion). Is it rude and descriminative to say that the name "Brittany" is ugly? Is that insulting to the Brittish? No! Of course not! That is just expressing her opinion, which she is perfectly and rightly entitled to do. As are you. I, as said, think that this name is insane. It's like someone just began typing randomly on their keyboard, and came up with this "XOCHIQUETZAL".
Pheadirean  6/4/2006
Pronounced shok-i-KAY-tsal.
Ruella76  3/6/2005

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