Even prettier than Jasmine.
So beautiful! So much better than Jasmine in my opinion. This name is more of a girl's name. I wish I saw more Yasmine's in the world. Simply outstanding and pretty. :D.
The spelling isn't very appealing to me, so I will stick with Jasmine for now.
Disgusting! Like Jasmine a LOT better. This sounds too Yucky.
I would like to name my baby girl Yasmine! My name is Samantha, so I'm into strong, powerful, and gorgeous names that make a statement.
Yasmine B'lamine is an American-Tunisian actress.
I usually hate Modern names, but this is one of the very few I like.
It's pretty.
I like Jasmine better. Yasmine is like Yes mine.
My sister's name, the name suits her well, she is nice and kind, I love this name. I like Jasmine, but either are unusable because my sister is already called Yasmine.
I feel like the name Jasmine is too associated with the plant and the princess, Yasmine gives you the same sound to the name and is not associated with any plant or princess, it is a unique name and has its own personality and style to it! I would definitely name my daughter this.
Variant English Pronunciations: yaz-MEEN, YAZ-meen.
Also Spanish.

Spanish Pronunciation: jyaz-MEEN, yaz-MEEN.
I prefer Jasmine.
Can also be pronounced YAZ-mee.
I much prefer it with a J.
Some cute nicknames for this pretty name could be Yazzy
Or even Yas because having a nickname like YAAASSSS would be so cool XD.
Yasmine Al Massri (1978–) is a Lebanese-American actress known for her role as twins Raina and Nimah Amin in the ABC show "Quantico".
Nice name, not my favourite but still pretty. Some nicknames are Mina, and that's the only one I can think of :D.
Yasmine Yousaf, a member of Krewella, an American electronic dance music trio.
I have loved this name forever. So pretty. BT Dubs the Bratz Doll is Yasmin.
Yasmine Bleeth is a famous actress who used to be on the TV show "Baywatch."
This name is tacky and it is the name of one of those atrocious icons of filth, Bratz dolls.
Yasmine is pronounced YAZ min.
Yasmine is of Persian origin.
One of my best friends names is Yasmine. Everyone calls her yaz-men but her name is correctly pronounced yass-meen (she is French Lebanese). I think it is a much prettier pronunciation, personally.
I LOVE this name. This was going to be my name if I hadn't been called Kara. I would love to name my daughter Yasime. Here's to all you Yasmines out there!

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