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Can also be pronounced YAZ-mee.
persyflower653  6/26/2019
I much prefer it with a J.
― Anonymous User  8/23/2018
Some cute nicknames for this pretty name could be Yazzy
Or even Yas because having a nickname like YAAASSSS would be so cool XD.
Starry Night  7/13/2017
Yasmine Al Massri (1978–) is a Lebanese-American actress known for her role as twins Raina and Nimah Amin in the ABC show "Quantico".
― Anonymous User  6/16/2017
Yasmine Lafitte is a Moroccan former pornographic actress who performed under the mononym "Yasmine". Born in an observant Muslim family in Tahar Souk, a small village of Morocco, Lafitte moved to France with her family when she was just five months old, and she grew up in a suburb of Lyon. At 18 years old, after graduating from high school, she left her family; during this period, she trained to become a nurse and worked as a waitress to pay for her studies.
lilolaf  5/13/2017
Nice name, not my favourite but still pretty. Some nicknames are Mina, and that's the only one I can think of :D.
Sania01  7/22/2016
Yasmine Yousaf, a member of Krewella, an American electronic dance music trio.
― Anonymous User  8/18/2014
I have loved this name forever. So pretty. BT Dubs the Bratz Doll is Yasmin.
emilymaryjane  12/29/2011
Yasmine Bleeth is a famous actress who used to be on the TV show "Baywatch."
erb816  1/6/2009
This name is tacky and it is the name of one of those atrocious icons of filth, Bratz dolls.
greta-elisif  5/19/2008
Yasmine is pronounced YAZ min.
sarahlauren  9/19/2007
Yasmine is of Persian origin.
sarahlauren  9/19/2007
One of my best friends names is Yasmine. Everyone calls her yaz-men but her name is correctly pronounced yass-meen (she is French Lebanese). I think it is a much prettier pronunciation, personally.
ljfraser  11/13/2005
I LOVE this name. This was going to be my name if I hadn't been called Kara. I would love to name my daughter Yasime. Here's to all you Yasmines out there!
Karavan  11/1/2005

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