Also Spanish (Modern). There are 2.464 bearers of this name in Spain, and the average age of the bearers is 17 (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística).
Ylenia Padilla Santana (born July 6, 1988 in Benidorm) is a Spanish singer and television personality, currently associated with Telecinco. After becoming a public figure for participating in the reality television series Gandía Shore broadcast on MTV Spain, she started appearing on several Spanish television programmes. Her first single, "Pégate", received a gold certification.
Ylenia Maria Sole Carrisi (born November 29, 1970 – missing since January 6, 1994) was the eldest daughter of Italian singers and actors Albano Carrisi and Romina Power. She disappeared under mysterious circumstances while visiting New Orleans, Louisiana in January 1994. Carrisi, upon her father's request, was declared presumed dead in December 2014.
Also Spanish (Modern). Pronounced [ee - LEH - nya].
Usages: German (Modern, Rare), Italian, Maltese (Rare)

Pronunciation: ee-LEHN-yah (German)

Meaning: Variant of Ilenia.

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