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Yona 1
Gender Feminine
Usage Bulgarian
Scripts Йона(Bulgarian)

Meaning & History

Contracted form of Yoana. Yona Markova (1855–1923) was a Bulgarian soldier and war heroine. She became famous as a war heroine as she served as a Bulgarian soldier during the Serbo-Bulgarian War posing as a man.
Added 10/10/2007 by Yona
Edited 1/3/2021 by Frollein Gladys and Sofia

Yona 2
1. basic formatting
Gender Masculine
Usage Cherokee

Meaning & History

Means "bear" in Cherokee.
Added 3/13/2019 by Felie

Yona 3
not set
Gender Feminine
Usage Korean
Pronounced Pron. YOHNA  [key]

Meaning & History

Not available.
Added 1/29/2020 by LMR

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