This name is also used in FILIPINO.
I don’t understand at all why people are so negative and absent-minded about it, it is a very pretty name and probably my very favorite. I’ve met 2 people named Ysabella (nicknamed Ysa) and they were the nicest people I have ever met.
Spanish Pronunciation: ee-sa-BEHL.
Michael Jordan and his Cuban-American wife Yvette named one of their twin daughters Ysabel.
My name is Ysabel it is pronounced EE-sa-bel, but all my life I have gone by Ysa instead which is pronounced EE-sa. I never receive comments that the spelling of my name is unconventional because it isn't. It pretty much is said exactly how it looks although no one can seem to say it the right way the first time, I'm always complimented on how beautiful my name really is. And it is far less basic than Isabel...
My daughter's name is Ysabel. Our pronunciation is E-sa-bell. For those confused by the Y it is the same pronunciation as Yvonne or Yvette. We choose the Y for this very reason, the Spanish pronunciation is the same sound and she is of Spanish heritage.
To say the name is ruined is just negative nonsense.
First and foremost this is my daughter's name! It's pronounced E-sa-bell, it's a Spanish pronunciation, the Y is the same as Yvette or Yvonne. She is 5 now and we receive many compliments!
It's a beautiful name that has been around for centuries. If I had a daughter I would name her Ysabel like the queen of Spain.
My name is Ysabel but I have always been known as Isabel.
I like this spelling. I know an Ysabel, actually.
Well this looks weird. It seems like its be pronounced why-sa-bel or yiz-a-bel.
I'm surprised that Ysabel is a legit spelling--the original, no less. I think this form of the name is intriguing.
This is the name of a former queen of Spain, although she was commonly called Isabella.
Queen Isabella of Castille was actually Queen Ysabel, because that was the Catalan form of her name. This is NOT some tacky new version of Isabel, it's just an outdated spelling of it. :)
This name looks so tacky. Stick to Isabel people.
This is wrong, Ysabel is a Spanish name that has been used for many, many centuries. It was a popular name in Spain around the 12-1500's (I can't remember exactly what years). [noted -ed]
It's not pronounced quite like Isabel, but reather as EES-ah-bel. Stress on the EE sound of the Y, and a soft S.
The name isn't ruined at all, I love this variation of the name, and since it's used so much it's great for people who want to use it, as it won't seem as common if it is spelt differently and won't be so obvious to people. When I read it I see and pronounce it exactly the same as I would Izobel (Izabel), or Isabelle (Izabelle).
I always thought it was Spanish. Google turns up a number of Spanish Ysabels, plus Santa Ysabel, a Spanish-founded colony in CA. [noted -ed]
This is the name of a novel by Guy Gavriel Kay.
It's not as bad as some names put there, but it's still far from great. It doesn't really look like Isabel. The "Y" is too confusing.
NO! This is ridiculus! It is absolutely stupid, I don't understand it, why do people ruin names!
How is this name pronounced exactly? Is it Sa-bel, Sal-belle, or Ya-sa-bel, or what?
I'm no expert on this name, but I would of thought the pronunciation is more than obvious - just like Isabel and it's other variants.

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