The nickname of Yusuke Ninomiya from the Ni no Kuni movie.
Byakuya Togami  3/30/2020
Also “羽”.
puzzlesam  9/7/2017
Yu was given to 6 girls and 11 boys in America in 2016.
cutenose  5/23/2017
Yang Yu is a professional Chinese football player who currently plays as a midfielder for Liaoning FC. Yang Yu broke into the senior side of Liaoning FC on September 12, 2006 in a league game against Dalian Shide as a late substitute in a 2–1 victory. After making his debut he would become a fringe player within the squad, however he would see enough playing time to score his debut goal against Shandong Luneng in a league game on August 11, 2007 in a 2–1 victory. Often a peripheral member of the squad it was only once Liaoning were relegated at the end of the 2008 league season and playing in the second tier before Yang Yu was given his chance to establish himself within the Liaoning team. Even during the 2009 league season when Liaoning were playing in the second tier Yang Yu would still have to wait to establish himself within the team and only became a vital member for the club during the second half of the season when Liaoning were pushing for the division title and promotion back into the top tier.
lilolaf  3/30/2017
Yang Yu is a female Olympic medal-winning swimmer from the People's Republic of China. She became part of the Chinese national swimming team in 1999, and competed for Team China at the 2008 Summer Olympics.
lilolaf  3/30/2017
My Chinese name is 張仲妤, the last character being pronounced 'Yu' (in canto at least), and I think it's pretty enough :-))
ikyu  5/13/2016
I'm a girl of Chinese origin and my name is Yu Xuan. Xuan is a type of plant that symbolizes happiness and Yu means rain. I like my name very much even if it's getting more and more popular, it sounds cute to me without being too juvenile.
― Anonymous User  10/30/2015
My advice: do not use it in an English-speaking environment. It is hard to pronounce and people think it's pronounced the same way as "you."
yqjyqj  2/21/2015
There was an empress of the Chinese Jin dynasty called Yu Wenjun (formally Empress Mingmu).
― Anonymous User  12/20/2014
This element is in my favourite Chinese girl's name, Miaoyu. In a Chinese name book I own, it's translated as "pretty as fine jade". Jade is my favourite jewel - I love its colour, its beauty, its hardness and its significance in different cultures. I find it a lot more beautiful and pleasing than diamond or emerald. If I ever move to China, I'll call my daughter Miaoyu. I'd love her to be as pretty as jade.
― Anonymous User  3/2/2010
From Chinese ‰F "universe" or ‹Ê "jade" or –ù "happy, pleased" or ‰J "rain". Because for Chinese, different words may have the same pronunciation, but they have different meanings.
ewebid  11/8/2009
Can be a last name. Also, in Chinese it's not pronounced like "you" but its hard to describe how to say it. "Yiuhr"? It's hard to type out.
― Anonymous User  2/28/2009
I like the meaning of this name.
Luangi  4/8/2007
It is actually pronounced as the French "une" sound without nasalization.
― Anonymous User  8/26/2006
Having lived with someone called "Mi" for a month, I know all of the confusion that "Yu" is capable of causing. Don't go for it, unless you want to keep having to call your child "Y-U" all the time.
bschoer10  6/12/2006
But Bschoer, if the person lives in China, I am sure it would be a great name.
― Anonymous User  8/15/2006

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