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Yuri 1
Gender Feminine
Usage Quechua

Meaning & History

Means "dawn" in Quechua.
Added 3/6/2019 by Felie
Edited 3/6/2019 by Felie

Yuri 2
not set
Gender Feminine
Usage Korean
Scripts 유리(Korean Hangul)
Pronounced Pron. YU-RI  [key]
Other Forms Formsyu-ri

Meaning & History

Means "a glass pane" from Sino-Korean 琉璃. Alternate characters include 俞 (yu) "consent, approve" or 宥 (yu) "forgive, pardon, indulge" combined with 利 (ri) "gains, advantage, profit, merit"
Added 1/15/2021 by osy7849

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