Yuuka Kazami from Touhou Project.
Yuuka (Yūka) can be written:
ゆうか in hiragana
ユウカ in katakana

Some of the alternative kanji combinations of Yuuka are:

有香: "to have; possess; exist" + "aroma; fragrance; scent".

侑香: "urge to eat" + "aroma; fragrance; scent".

憂佳: "anxiety; worry" + "excellent; good; beautiful".

有佳 "to have; possess; exist" + "excellent; good; beautiful".
Yūka (有香) Nakagawa is a fictional character in the novel 'Battle Royale'. She is the girl #16.
I like Japanese short names, just like Yuuka. It's adorable and pretty, and its meanings are beautiful.
Yuka Kinoshita is a Japanese YouTuber and competitive eater. Yuka Kinoshita started an eating-focused YouTube channel in 2014, five years after her debut in Japanese competitive eating competitions.
Yuka Kashino nicknamed Kashiyuka, is a Japanese singer and dancer. She is known as one of the members of the electropop group Perfume. She spells her name with one "u" instead of two "u".
Yuuka Maeda is a former Japanese pop idol singer, and was one of the four founding members of S/mileage. She retired from S/mileage, Hello! Project and Up-Front Agency on December 31, 2011.
Yuuka Nanri is the vocalist of Japanese pop duo FictionJunction YUUKA.

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