Sounds similar to the feminine name Eve, which makes the name sound girly.
― Anonymous User  6/18/2020
Does not sound how it looks in English, and it sounds like the girl name Eve, even though it’s for boys.
Sakusha  1/30/2020
Yves Flores is a Filipino actor and singer.
wh0sbad  7/14/2019
Yves Duteil is a French singer-songwriter, born in 1949. He is known for the softness of his voice and of his melodies. His songs are often about childhood and the rights of children.
Harmonide  4/6/2019
Yves is the stage name of a kpop idol from the group LOONA.
reidrane  7/20/2018
Yves is the stage name of Sooyoung, a member of Korean girl group Loona. Stan Loona!
taken by a stranger  7/14/2018
Yves Saint Laurent is also a makeup designer, not just a fashion designer.
GML  10/27/2016
One of the lengthy list of names borne by one Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, better known as the Marquis de Lafayette, or "America's favorite fighting Frenchman."
Atarah Derek  9/18/2016
At first glance I thought it was pronounced IV-ves ('I' sounding like the letter 'I' in 'internet' and 'ves' rhyming with the word 'mess'.). I did not expect it to be said as "Eve", lol. It doesn't sound that bad for a guy I guess. I love how the letters look together and the meaning is actually quite nice. =)
― Anonymous User  7/24/2014
In America, this would easily get mispronounced. But ignoring that fact and just focusing on the pronunciation, I like this name. Probably because it sounds like eve, which I like as well. Although... I know everyone says it's a boy's name, but I just can't imagine it on a boy. Probably because the name eve is used for girls.
― Anonymous User  2/26/2013
This is a good BOY'S name. BOY'S.
FlakyMatt  1/4/2012
Yves Klein was a French artist, and a leading figure in the Nouveau Réalisme movement. He patented the color known as International Klein Blue, which looks similar to the color of lapis lazuli.
He's actually one of my favorite artists, and seeing a display of his work at a young age really turned me on to the world of art. He's a huge inspiration for me ^_^
EchoSketcher  6/21/2011
I like the fact that it is pronounced eve and a boy's name at the same time. If I had a son name Yves, I'd have a desire to nickname him Evie but I wouldn't be sure how to spell it. Overall, it's a great name. Very French and classical.
IrishKisses  9/11/2010
Yves Adele Harlow is the alias of Lois Runce played by actress Zuleikha Robinson in season 9 of The X-Files. All of her aliases are anagrams of Lee Harvey Oswald.
telfalathiel  7/23/2010
A famous bearer of this name is Yves Courage, founder of the Courage Competition sports car racing company.
NASCAR MAN 14  11/30/2008
YVES is the name of a food company that produces vegan dishes and meat alternatives, including veggie and chicken simulated ground meat, various ready-cook pastas, chilis, veggie dogs and veggieburgers, as well as simulated bacon.
KOT  3/14/2007
It'd be nice if a girl were named this because it sounds like EVE. Yves, I love it!
FyreHydenGirth  11/24/2006
The Frenchman Yves Rocher is the person who created the brand which bears his name - "Yves Rocher" - the world leader in botanical cosmetics.
iva_toneva  5/7/2006
French fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent is a famous bearer of this name.
― Anonymous User  12/19/2005

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