Jeez! Whoa, what a handful!
Good alternative to the embarrassingly overused Zachary.
I prefer the "Za-kay-us" pronunciation as well.
To be a little bit more specific: this name is the latinized form of Ζακχαιος (Zakchaios), the Greek form of the Hebrew name Zakkay. Also see:- (in English)
- (in English)I added this comment because the original Greek form is not featured in the entry for Zacchaeus, even though the entry mentions that the name comes from the Greek form of Zakkay. [noted -ed]
I would love to use this name and call him Zac!
I'd be more inclined to pronounce this name "ZAK-ee-us" than "za-KEE-us", which sounds a bit "ghetto".
Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible names ALSO gives an additional meaning for Zacchaeus - that meaning is "just." The Greek form of Zacchaeus which is given in the New Testament is as follows:
ζακχαιοςIn Hebrew, Zacchaeus looks like this:
I think this is a nice name; it has a good meaning and the story of Zacchaeus is wonderful. It's all the more reason to use the name. Some names sound good, or have a good meaning, but if there's isn't a good story about the historical person with the name then I wouldn't use it. For instance, the name Delilah is lovely, but Delilah betrayed her husband; therefore I wouldn't use it.
I would pronounce this 'Zah-kay-us'.
Zacchaeus makes me think of a very short man, for not only was the Biblical character short, but there's a Sunday School song that goes, "Zacchaeus was a wee little man, a wee little man was he."

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