Y’all keep comparing Zah-KEE-a vs Zah-KIE-ah and I honestly can’t tell the difference, I keep reading the middle syllable as key, can someone clarify? I asked my Arab partner too and just got a confused look.
Also commonly used in Malaysia and Indonesia.
My name is Zakaiah and I spell it like that. I also pronounce it like (ZAK-IAH) I think it's a great name.
Funny how it says the origin is Hebrew because this name is mainly used on Arabs. Zakiyah (نقيه) is indeed a Muslim name with the Arabic meaning of "pure". [noted -ed]
In Hebrew, Zakia (זכיה) actually means "winning" or "gaining" and is never used as a name for Jewish people.

However, Zaka (זַכַּה) is a real Hebrew name. It is a word from right out of the Bible in the Book of Job. It means "won".
Zuh-KEE-uh sounds ghetto and zuh-KIE-uh sounds very biblical (which may be negative to some people). Despite that, I love it! I wouldn't name my kid Zakiah, though.
Nevermind, I can't say I like it that much anymore. Zak would be a cute nickname, nonetheless.
Traditionally more of a masculine name, in modern times it's used for both boys and girls (probably due to the 'ah' ending). Personally, I prefer it for boys.
I like this name. It's got a kick-ass feel to it, like Axelle. I also prefer the English pronunciation (Zah-KIE-Ah) over the Hebrew one.
If I hadn't just read the page on this name I would have thought it was masculine. I pictured it as a nickname for Zacchaeus.
This is one of my favorite girl names, whatever the pronunciation is. Love the meaning.
Za-KIE-a would probably be the English pronunciation, but as this name is originally Jewish, I believe the correct pronunciation would rather be Zah-KEE-ah (please correct me if I'm wrong). I like both pronunciations.
I believe the correct pronunciation would be ZAH-KIE-AH.
Pronounced zah-kee-ah.

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