Like the Wizard from Doogal?
Zippity doo dah. Amish-sounding name.
Way too old fashioned for my taste.
The name Zebedee is a wonderfully strange name, when I first saw it I thought the name had to be ancient and Biblical. I could not believe that it was in use during our time period, but, with a little digging I found others with Zebedee as their first name. Dee Zebedee is one of my favorite new names I have found while working on my family tree.
My eldest son's name is Zebedee and both my wife and I (and our son) love this name. My son gets very defensive when deadbeats pronounce it wrong or deliberately mess it up.
Aww. Zebedee is so cute, and it's fun to say. I think I'll use it for a character. It's adorable.
No. Just... No. "Zebedee" sounds so silly on a human.
I think this is a perfectly acceptable, if rare, first name for boys. It is not unheard of, especially in Christian circles. I would consider using it myself, maybe with the nickname Zeb.
Totally unusable on a human, but I can see it working very well on a cat. It's possibly the closest legit name to a sci-fi alien name I've ever heard!
A fictional famous bearer of this name is the character Zebedee from The Magic Roundabout, by Serge Danot. The character Zebedee is a good magician, and uses warmth and love magic. He is essentially a jack-in-the-box, like Zeebad. The television series was broadcast in England from 18 October 1965 to 25 January 1977, and it was released from 1964 to 1971 in France. It is still in common knowledge, and is regarded as a cult classic of the era! :)
This has to be the silliest name I ever heard! Every time I read or hear it, I immediately start laughing!

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