Zebulon is a great underused name with a great meaning. It means gift, exalted or dwelling. We used it for
our son because he was born around Christmas time. If you are like us and like ancient Hebrew names this a a great one. He complements his brother Naphtali keeping with the 12 tribes of Israel theme.
Zebulon Tyler Walton was the name of the patriarch/grandfather on the highly popular TV show Walton's Mountain that ran from 1972-1981. His wife on the show called him Zeb.
A very rare and awesome name. I'm glad it hasn't been discovered and ruined by the morons who think it's "uneek" to give a girl a male name. Or by becoming too popular and overused. This name is very masculine and strong sounding. Love it!
Zebulon "Zeb" Macahan was a fictional character in the American western television series "How the West Was Won". He was played by James Arness.
Sounds a little like a made up Planet or Star...
Like naming your kid Jupiter!
I agree. The name sounds like a sci-fi character.
Hahahahahahahaha! Who honestly likes the name ZEBULON?! That's the weirdest name I've ever heard! It sounds like a planet or something! Like they landed the first space shuttle on Zebulon yesterday. It was an amazing journey through the Andromeda galaxy! That's hilarious! I wish there were people still around named Zebulon just so I could make fun of them! Aaw, that was mean.
Zebulon Montgomery Pike Jr. was an American soldier and explorer for whom Pikes Peak in Colorado is named.
Zebulon Reed Brockway was a penologist and is sometimes regarded as the "father of prison reform" in the United States of America.

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