I love this name. It's super unusual.
Handsome name! I like this a lot more than Zephyr! It sounds classier and unlike Zephyr... doesn't sound like the word severe. Plus it has that Greek mythology connection! I'm putting this on my list for a future son! Love love love!
Zephyrus was the name of the God of the west wind in Greek mythology. He was known as the gentlest of the wind gods. He was involved in the myth of Hyacinth (in not the most gentle way though).

The myth goes that Hyacinth was loved by both the god Apollo and Zephyrus. However, when it seemed that Hyacinth favored Apollo, Zephyrus became jealous. While Hyacinth and Apollo played discus, Zephyrus blew a gust of wind at them which made the discus strike Hyacinth in the head, killing him. Apollo then made the hyacinth flower from his spilled blood.

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