Zeynab Pasha (also known as Zeinab Pasha) was an Iranian woman who lived during the Qajar dynasty in late 19th century. She is most notable for her role in the Tobacco Protest, the beginning of the Iran Constitutional Revolution, for leading a group of women in an uprising in the city of Tabriz by attacking wealthy merchants. This led to the closure of the Tabriz Market.
Zeynab Javadli (Azerbaijani: Zeynəb Cavadlı), formally referred as Sheikha Zaynab (Arabic: الشيخة زينب‎) is an Azerbaijani former gymnast, World and European Championship medalist, and ex-wife of Emirati Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
Zeynab Begum (Persian: زینب بیگم‎; died 31 May 1640), the fourth daughter of Safavid king (shah) Tahmasp I (r. 1524–1576), is considered to be one of the most influential and powerful princesses of the Safavid era. She lived during the reigns of five successive Safavid monarchs, and apart from holding diverse functions, including at the top of the empire's bureaucratic system, she was also the leading matriarch in the royal harem for many years, and acted on occasion as kingmaker.

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