This is also the Kazakh form (written as "Зейнеп" in Cyrillic) of Zaynab.
lezginkas  11/29/2017
Zeynep Değirmencioğlu is a Turkish actress. She was born in Istanbul in 1954. She made her first appearance as a one-year-old baby in "Papatya" and established herself as a childstar with appearances in films like "Duvaklı Göl" and "Fırtına". In 1960 she acted in "Ayşecik". The persona of Ayşecik, a sweet, naive girl became her signature role. In the following years she would act in many films where she would play the Ayşecik persona in different settings. Although she appeared in more mature films, she is known as the most famous child actor in Turkish cinema. She retired from acting in 1974 with Macera Yolu as adult themed fare began to dominate the Turkish film industry and general audience fare moved to television.
cutenose  7/19/2017
Zeynep Kübra Sever Demirel, is a Turkish-Belgian volleyball player and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Belgium 2009 and also she represented Belgium at Miss Universe 2009 and placed Top 15.
lilolaf  7/19/2017
Well, it isn't a famous bearer per sé, but a female chimpanzee living at the primate rescue center "Monkey World" near Dorset, UK is called Zeynep. The chimp was smuggled from Nigeria to Turkey for the illegal pet trade, and was rescued by the late Jim Cronin and his crew, after several complaints came in from tourists who had stayed in Bodrum, Turkey. She was probably born in 1998, and has a sister at the park named Kuki.
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soleta  10/18/2007

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