In Chinese, Zhou is the tenth of the most popular surname in China, which is the name of Zhou Dynasty (BC1100-BC256).

The great-grandfather of the founding emperor of Zhou Dynasty moved the Zhou people to Zhouyuan周原, where likes the word 周.

One of the origin of the surname Zhou is: after Zhou Dynasty was destroied by Qin, the posterity of Zhou Dynasty are called with Zhou Family 周家. Therefore, some of the posterity of Zhou Dynasty changed their surname from Ji 姬 to Zhou 周.

In some translation, 周 is translated to Chau.
Joanna Zhou is an award winning Manga and graphics designer and she designed 6 Momiji dolls.
Commander Zhou was a major villian of the first season of the television series "Avatar: The Last Airbender".
Zhou is the name of a character on the television series 24.
There was a character in a book I read named Zhou-Zhou. It was a woman though, not a man. She was a maid, so it makes sense: the meaning of Zhou is help/assist.

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