Zia is a beautiful, short but strong girl's name. I love it. If you have a really close relationship with your Aunt it could be used as a way to honor her. I love the name Zia and love the nickname Zee.
Also English (Rare) and French (Modern).In some non-Arabic countries, this name is mostly feminine, so the gender of the name should be "Masculine & Feminine".There are 2.203 female bearers of this name in the US. It has been occasionally used since 1980.( are 1.464 female bearers of this name in France.(,2006200,1188032.asp)
Zia means "aunt" in Italian.
Cool and unique name.
My name is Zia and I think it is a very unique name. My grandma named me Zia.
There is a kid's adventure book called "Zia" after the main character.
In the Simpsons episode "Holidays of Future Passed", Zia is the name of Lisa's future daughter.
Pretty name for a girl and maybe a nickname for Elizabeth or any name ending in the pronunciation "ZEE". I like Zia better than Ziya!
Zia is a beautiful, cool Arabic boys name. I've noticed how lots of Arabic names beginning with the letter 'z' are often stunning! (Arabic girl names such as Zara, Zahia, Zehra, Zoya, Zuleika, Zarina, Zaina, Zora...) & (Arabic male names such as Zayn, Zayd, Zaydan...)
The correct Arabic pronunciation of this name is ZEE-ya.
The Zia is the sun symbol on the New Mexico flag that came from the Zia pueblo. The four lines going out each direction on the flag represent the four seasons, the four directions, the four times of day and the four stages of life. The circle brings them together. It is a beautiful girl's name with awesome culture!
The name Zia was given to 129 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I have also thought that this is a girls name. It's very pretty.
Zia Rashid is a character in Rick Riordan's the Red Pyramid and the Throne of Fire. Except this Zia was a girl, not boy.
In most new Arabic books Zia is classified as a female and the meaning of the name means 'light and splendour' which explains why the tribe used the sun as their symbol.
I don't really understand this current fascination with stealing every good boy name that has ever existed and using it for girls. Hint: just because a name ends with an 'A', it doesn't mean it's feminine. Parents, there are plenty of unique and beautiful names out there that are actually meant for girls, go use THOSE.
Zia is the main character in the romantic comedy "Wristcutters: A Love Story", which looks really good. He is a man. This name is cooler for a boy than a girl, though it is pretty for a girl, as well. It's just a better name for a boy.
The Zia are an indigenous tribe located in New Mexico, U.S. that are known for their pottery and use of the Sun symbol.
Female keyboardist Zia Mccabe, from the rock band the Dandy Warhols, has this name.
Zia is a name of a book by Scott O'Dell, in which the title character attempts to rescue her aunt Karana (from his book Island of the Blue Dolphins).
Means "aunt" in Italian.
Zia is one of my favourite names, but as a feminine name. It is beautiful and melodic without being complicated, and it has a great universal quality about it. It seems like it could come from a variety of cultures, not just Arabic.
'Zia' is the name of a female character in the 80's animated series 'The Mysterious Cities of Gold'. The series was aired on Nickelodeon for a short time in the late 80's (possibly early 90's).

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