Beautiful, handsome name!
I love it so so much! The pronunciation is nice, and this is just a great name! It's a smart, cute, formal, and angelic name! This ages so well, I just love it, love it, love it!
I love it. It sounds unique.
Pretty cool name for a girl.
I'm sorry Luvbug86, but this name is masculine. Didn't you see?
Zion National Park is a beautiful park in Arizona.
This name can be FEMININE in MODERN times, making it UNISEX.
Wiktionary CLAIMs it to be UNISEX.
Zion can be a UNISEX name (See my previous comment).

The PROOF of the name can also be seen in the chart [noted -ed]
Zion is truly a great name which means excellent. OR on the other hand, the name Zion is a seat of power in the kingdom of God.
Also sometimes used as a feminine name in modern times.
Zion Williamson is a basketball player.
The only time I have ever heard this name was a few years ago when a girl in my class was named this and she pronounced it 'zie-on'.
Zion T. Is a South Korean R&B/Hip Hop artist. Born as Kim Hae-Sol in 4/13/89.
This is funny as a name because it is a place. It has a certain striking aura though, and it sounds kind of cool. Maybe as a middle name.
I stumbled upon this site because my great-great- grandfather's name was Zion, and I was searching for my ancestral origins. I'd never heard it used as a person's name before today. It seems it's becoming a more common name, but he was born in 1847. His surname was Cornelius which is French-Roman in origin. My grandfather always claimed his father's side was French.
The name Zion was given to 295 girls born in the US in 2016.
I hate this name! In my honest opinion, Zion doesn't sound like a name for a person. Instead, it sounds like a name of some element such as a type of metal or a fictional element that becomes crucial in some science-fiction storyline. "We need to find Zion. It is the only thing that can defeat..."
My names are Chimechefulam Jerusalem Ejindu Mark, my first son's name is Zion Chidera Chimechefulam. I love this name because it is a prophetic name, but some people don't know anything about it.
My son's name is Zion. When I was still carrying him in my womb, I searched the internet for what to name him that is unique and with good and ethereal meaning. Honestly, I never found Zion in the list of baby names until one night I dreamed that I already gave birth to him and he was named Zion. Right when I woke up I opened the net and searched for its meaning. The first meaning that came out was "a name of heaven" and I just fell in love with the name and so it is!
Funny enough, my name is Zion and my middle name is Israel.
Zion is a holy name in many religions. In many religions it's basically means redemption land.
In rastafarie: Zion stands for a utopia place of unity.
In the Christian bible: it's is the cornerstone of which gods holy temple was built upon. Temple with the same name 'Zion.
And it pretty much means the same in every mainstream Christian/ Jewish religion.

Zion is also known as the seat of power in Israel or the kingdom of God and will be the name of God's new land when the messiah returns...

In ancient Egypt Zion was translated as (sion).
Sion was the 4 shafts of Giza that align with the consolations:
Names of the consolations in order, which are all Egyptian gods:

Although I'm pretty sure Zion originated to ancient Egypt.

Zion is not just an African American name. In the south pacific especially Melanesia Zion and Israel are common. But not as much for Zion.
I used the name based on biblical context in Isaiah 62:1.
I have heard it pronounced ZIE-ən a few times.
Thus it basically is another word for 'High Mountain'. Where God dwells/ Live, a strong and purposeful name for a child, if the parents are religious. Should not offend. The wicked fairy not looking in good will on such a child or his parents, might go out of their way to bring about the opposite, in spite.
People are so silly. Zion is a primarily African-American name? I wasn't aware of race names; cultural maybe, but not race. We chose Zion, pronounced Zi-ahn for my niece because of its Biblical ties. Her middle name, Dior was chosen simply because we are name-brand whores. LOL.
Zion is a great, strong name with a deep meaning behind it.

If you want to avoid targeting, you could use this as a middle name.
I think Zion is a unique and faith based name, in the sense that it is synonymous with 'promised land' or getting to the place you have always wanted to be.
The correct Hebrew pronunciation is 'tsee-OHN', the Anglicized pronunciation is ZHY-on. A commen Hebrew variant is 'Ben-Tzion' which means 'Son of Zion'.
It has a very deep meaning for those awaiting Christs return and the new Jerusalem. That is why it's offensive to some, and so was Christ. The only thing that might sway me from using it, is the fact that it's really become more of an African American name.
This is a BEAUTIFUL name!

Anyone who finds this name offensive is highly ignorant. The self-proclaimed "anti-Zionists" likely don't really know what Zionism is (political and/or religious/philosophical Zionism), and especially don't know what Zion is.

Calling this traditional Jewish name offensive is as ignorant as calling the names Muhammad, Islam, or Jihad offensive.
I always assumed the pronunciation of this name was ZIE-ahn.
A completely offensive name. Not to mention ridiculous.
Zion is harsh-sounding, and I agree that it would arouse the anger of Palestinians and other anti-Zionists.
I don't mean to offend anyone, but I think if you live outside Israel, Zion would not be a good name. It would arouse the anger of anti-Zionists, Palestinians and jihadists. I don't think parents should pick names that are obviously strong political statements.
Sounds like a sci-fi name.
Pronounced "ZEE-awn".
Oh yes! I love this name! It's awesome and kick-butt.
Pronounced "zee-ohn"
The name "Zion" is Hebrew in origin. Although the meaning of the name is not generally agreed upon, the popular meanings "highest point", "raised up", and/or "monument" are very accurate and Biblically sound.
The feminine form is Ziona or Tziona.
Zion Quari' is the name of the daughter of Fantasia Barrino, winner of American Idol (season 3).
There is a hymn called "We Are Marching to Zion."
This name was used by singer Lauren hill for her son. It is also the land of freedom that Rastafarians talk about in their music.
In the famous movie trilogy by the Wachowski Brothers, called "Matrix", "Matrix Reloaded" and "Matirx Revolutions" (starring Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Laurence Fishburne), "Zion" is the only human city left on Earth, deeply underground, nearer to the core of the planet, "where it still is warm".
Go to for more info, or just watch this incredibly fantastic trilogy.
It is pronounced tsee-on in Hebrew.

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