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Gender Masculine & Feminine
Usage Chinese
Scripts 子毓, 子瑜, 子玉, 子舆, 子虞, 子钰, 子鱼, 自玉, etc.(Chinese)
Pronounced Pron. TSUZ-UY  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

From Chinese 子 () meaning "child" or 自 (zì, zí) meaning "self, onself" combined with 毓 (yù) meaning "rear, nourish, nurture", 瑜 (yú) meaning "excellence, flawless jewel, lustre of gems", 玉 () meaning "jade, precious stone, gem", 舆 (yú, yù) meaning "cart, carriage, palanquin", 虞 () meaning "concerned, anxious", 钰 (yù) meaning "gold, jade, treasure" or 鱼 (yú) meaning "fish". Other character combinations can form this name as well.
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