Zlatko is also Slovak. The name day for Zlatko in Slovakia is June 12.
Also Slovak:
Zlatko Papec was a Croatian footballer. He began his career playing as a left winger at Zagreb's Lokomotiva, at the time when the club was a regular member of the Yugoslav First League, and was part of the greatest attacking lineup in the history of the club, alongside Josip Odžak, Vladimir Čonč, Vladimir Firm and Drago Hmelina. Papec appeared in 57 league matches for Lokomotiva in the period from 1952 to 1955, when he was conscripted and then served the compulsory military service in the Yugoslav Navy.
I know one boy called Zlatko. His nickname is Zlaja (ZLUH-ya).
Zlatko Pejakoviæ is a Croatian singer. A notable hit song of his is Misli sva'ko da je meni lako (English: Everybody thinks that I have it easy), which was written during the Yugoslav wars, and sympathised with people in the difficult times.
Zlatko Runje is a football player who plays for NK Varteks in the Prva HNL. He plays in position of goalkeeper.
Zlatko Gall is a Croatian journalist, commentator and rock critic from Split.
Zlatko Perica was a guitarist for the German band Tangerine Dream.
Zlatko Tanevski is a Macedonian footballer in the position of defender.
Zlatko Krmpotiæ is a former Serbian football defender.
Zlatko Yankov (Bulgarian: Çëàòêî ßíêîâ) is a retired Bulgarian football midfielder.
Zlatko "Czik" Èajkovski was a Croatian football player and coach.
Zlatko Zahoviè is a former Slovenian football player.
Zlatko Kranjèar is a Croatian football manager and former striker.
Zlatko Balokoviæ was a Croatian violinist.
Zlatko Junuzoviæ is an Austrian footballer, playing for Grazer AK and the Austrian Football Team.
Zlatko Dediè is a Slovenian footballer.
Zlatko Vujoviæ is a Croatian former footballer.

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