Zoé Lee is a new character in the show Miraculous Ladybug. She is the half-sister of Chloé Bourgeois and the new holder of the Bee Miraculous.
Alright, this name does not have many comments, so the comments probably don't have many readers... but whatever, this is a great name! It should be very popular, I really love it!
Hungarian pronunciation: ZO-ay.
Also Hungarian.
Zoé Héran is an actress who is known for playing the lead role of Laure/Mickäel in the 2011 French film Tomboy.
The pronunciation zo-ay seems to mimick an English accent. In French this is zo-eh.
There is a rock band from Mexico who are named this. Actually, they're a pretty good band, I've become a great fanatic of some of the songs I've listened to. :)
I like this pronunciation better, and the dash over the 'e' makes the name way cooler.
Finally, a pronunciation of Zoe that is true to the spelling. And quite pretty it is, too.

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