Rather popular in Slovenia: [noted -ed]
Pronounced ZO-ya.
Also increasingly popular in Serbia. [noted -ed]
Since when is this a Czech name? Zoya is Russian form of Zoe and Zoja is just another transcription of the same name from Russian alphabet [Зоя]. [noted -ed]
Also a feminine name in Slovenia.
It isn't a Slovene name! Slovene parents just want to be fancy so they give foreign names to their children. That's a horrible fact.
I actually think that this is pretty. It's unique, it's obscure (to some, it's not).
I would never name a child this. It reminds me of the antidepressant Zoloft.
I'm not sure it's a Czech name. Maybe for a very old woman. It sounds more like a Russian or other Slavic name I think.

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