My name is “Zona” I feel special despite the Hebrew meaning. I do not represent myself in a negative way. I always felt my name is very unique, beautiful and sounds exotic, which is just some of my attributes.
Zona jones is an American country music singer and attorney. Signed to D/ Quaterback Records in 2004, he released his debut album Harley & horses and charted three singles from it, Including the No. 47 “Two hearts.” In 2008, he signed to Rocky Comfort Records, a label owned by Tracy Lawrence, to release his next album, 2009s Prove me right.
Interesting name. It sounds nice, but the Hebrew meaning... o o f.
Soo cool!♡ What it means in Hebrew is irrelevant, it's a Greek name.
Zona is the name of my wife, it sounds heavenly despite its indecent meaning in the "Hebrew" language. Whenever I listen to it, my soul shakes and cherishes and I want to listen to it multiple times. I find it very rare, this also makes my loved one unique and beautiful as no doubt she is! Ever since I watch her, I thought I was destined to meet her.
My first name is Zona and I really liked my name until I read its meaning in Hebrew, it's quite depressing actually. My grandfather told me it is an Arabic word meaning "Genius".
I completely agree that Zona is a nickname for Arizona. In fact, my name is Arizona and I usually go by Zona. My gym teacher mixes up my name with someone in my class, and I told her to just call me Zona. I hate it when people mix up my name with someone else, so I just say call me Zona.
My first name is Zona. I have always loved it. Now I find there are people with the last name Zona! Great name in a crowd, if someone yells Zona you know they are calling you!
This could be a nickname of the name Arizona.
It's unfortunate how it means "prostitute" in Hebrew, but putting that aside, I do think it sounds lovely and really pretty! :)
Zona in Hebrew means slut, prostitute, b*tch. Although it's from other origins as a legitimate name, and I'm sure it's lovely, I can't get over that. I would never in all my life use Zona as a name! Common insult in Israel.
When I first saw this name, I thought "Is someone using the Spanish word for "zone" as a name?" Regardless, I like it. Zona sounds very pretty and unconventional, but not impractical, in terms of spelling and pronunciation. It's rare, but didn't strike me as being strange or odd. Until I read what "Zona" means in Hebrew. Knowing that, I definitely wouldn't use this name myself. Unless Zona is a common name in your culture (I know that it's popular in Serbia), it could cause a lot of embarrassment and problems. I mean, imagine if Zona ever went to Israel? Or converted to Judaism? Or moved to a mostly Jewish community? She'd probably want to get a name change. Though I do like Zona, as a non-Serb, I'd consider the similar-sounding Zora instead, and keep Zona as a character name.
Considering the Hebrew meaning of "whore", I can imagine an old Jewish woman asking her daughter, "You're going to name your daughter WHAT?"
Zona is often used in medical terminology, such as in zona pelucida and zona reticularis, which refer to different areas of the skin.
Zona Gale is an American writer.
Zona Zamfirova (Serbian Cyrillic Зона Замфирова) is a 2002 comedy-drama film directed by Zdravko Šotra. It is based on the 1906 book by Serbian author Stevan Sremac.
My middle name is Zona, and I despised it for ages, it wasn't until I was in my late teens that I decided that it wasn't SO bad. I have to laugh if it indeed means 'prostitute' in Hebrew, like it says above. Lucky I'm not planning on going to Israel any time soon.
Zona is a Serbian name as well. It is a very famous name in Serbian culture as well. There is an old Roman story about a beautiful girl named Zona. Zona means the Zone in Serbian, but it also has another origin, I will post it here as soon as I find it out.
"Zona" means "prostitute" in Hebrew.

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