With 132 845 bearers, Zoran is the 2nd most common masculine given name in Serbia (2014 Data). With 12 117 bearers, Zoran is the 10th most common masculine given name in North Macedonia (2014 Data). With 5 183 bearers, Zoran is the 6th most common masculine given name in Montenegro (2014 Data).

Zoran Korach is an American actor known for his role as "Goomer" in the television series "Sam and Cat".
We plan to use this name if our baby is a boy. We were looking for Serbian names (our last name's origin) that wouldn't sound too out of place in the US, and I was really liking the letter "Z" this time around.
Iron Chef Cat Cora has a son named Zoran.
Zoki is the short form of Zoran in Croatia. Usually only a nickname though, as an actual name it's very rare.
Zoran Beèiæ - Bosnian actor
Zoran Baldovaliev - Macedonian football player
Zoran Cvijanoviæ - Serbian actor
Zoran Æiriæ - Serbian writer
Zoran Djeriæ - Bosnian politician
Zoran Djindjic - Serbian politician
Zoran Dukiæ - Croatian classical guitarist
Zoran Eriæ - Serbian composer
Zoran Feriæ - Croatian writer
Zoran Filipoviæ - Montenegrin football coach
Zoran G. Janèiæ - Bosnian pianist
Zoran Janjetov - Serbain comic artist
Zoran Jankoviæ - Slovenian politician
Zoran Jankoviæ - Bulgarian football player
Zoran Jovanovski - Macedonian football player
Zoran Kneževiæ - Serbian astronomer
Zoran Kneževiæ - Serbian politician
Zoran Krušvar - Croatian writer
Zoran Kršul - Croatian poet and literary critic
Zoran Liliæ - Serbian politician
Zoran Lonèar - Serbian politician
Zoran Mamiæ - Croatian football player
Zoran Milinkoviæ - Serbian politician
Zoran Mirkoviæ - Serbian football player
Zoran Obradoviæ - American mathematician of Serbian origin
Zoran Pavloviè - Slovenian football player
Zoran Planiniæ - Croatian basketball player
Zoran Pešiæ - Serbian rugby league player
Zoran Popoviæ - American computer scientist of Serbian origin
Zoran Predin - Slovenian musician
Zoran Radmiloviæ - Serbian actor
Zoran Radoviæ - Serbian basketball player
Zoran Rankiæ - Serbian actor
Zoran Rant - Slovenian scientist
Zoran Redžiæ - Bosnian musician
Zoran Saviæ - Serbian basketball player
Zoran Simjanoviæ - Serbian musician
Zoran Simoviæ - Montenegrin football player
Zoran Skoèir - Croatian university professor
Zoran Stankoviæ - Serbian politician
Zoran Stanèiè - Slovenian scientist and politician
Zoran Stojkoviæ - Serbian politician
Zorán Sztevanovity - Hungarian musician
Zoran Šami - Serbian Politician
Zoran Urumov - Serbian footballer
Zoran Vanev - Macedonian musician
Zoran Velkoski - Macedonian scientist
Zoran Vujoviæ - Croatian football player
Zoran Vukman - Croatian journalist
Zoran Vukoviæ - Bosnian Serb war crime suspect
Zoran Vuliæ - Croatian football player
Zoran Žigiæ - Bosnian Serb war crime suspect
Zoran Živkoviæ - Serbian politician
Zoran Živkoviæ - Serbian handball player
Zoran Živkoviæ - Serbian writer.
A famous bearer of this name is the tragicly killed first Serbian democratic prime minister Zoran Djindjic (1952-2003), who liberated us from the monster named Milosevic. Rest in peace, brave one.
From Sanskrit Surya meaning the sun.
Sanskrit Surya comes from Slavic Sija (Seeyah) which means shining. Sanskrit has its roots in Slavic. I read some Sanskrit texts (transliterated of course) they sound Slav.

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