All I see is "zoro-aster". Still, I like the meaning 'golden camel.' ends with "Roaster."
I love this name, it's unique and mysterious. Some say parents must be crazy if they ever named their son this, but I disagree. If I ever had any children, at least one of them would be Zoroaster. I think if a child had this name, he would have a wonderful life. Great name!
I have to say, while this is a pretty awesome name I wouldn't name anyone this. However, if you did name your kid this, he'd be the only kid in his class called Zoroaster. Ever. Plus, there's some pretty cool nicknames out of this. If I was a six year old boy, I would probably think it was awesome if I could legitimately say my name was "Roaster."
Zoroaster is the prophet of God in the religion Zoroastrianism. A famous Zoroastrian is the late Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen.

It is a mighty fine name, just not for everyone. Especially the narrow minded.
Sounds like "your toaster" and makes me hungry every time I say it. I couldn't name anything this and have to say it without running to the toaster to make taquitos!
I hate this name. Probably because it has 'Roast' in it.
You have got to be crazy to name your son this.

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