One of the dudes from Tally Hall (band) is named Zubin, he's the bass player.
Not really a helpful comment I just wanted to point that out.
Although I am sure Zubin could be a Russian surname, the most famous bearer of this as a given name is the orchestra conductor Zubin Mehta. He is a Parsi from India and so the Persian origin of the name is correct for him. According to _The Complete Book of Muslim & Parsi Names_ it means "short spear" or "javelin" in ancient Persian. [noted -ed]
In Persian mythology, Zubin (also called: Zupin, Zhubin, Zhupin) was one of the warriors of Iran's army, famous for his courage. "Zubin" was also a weapon as well "a short spear that would be thrown to kill the enemy".
References: Shahnameh; Dehkhoda

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