Names Categorized "apotropaic names"

This is a list of names in which the categories include apotropaic names.
Álmos m Hungarian
Possibly from Hungarian álom "dream", though perhaps of Turkic origin meaning "bought". This was the name of the semi-legendary father of Árpád, the founder of the Hungarian state. Álmos's mother Emese supposedly had a dream in which a turul bird impregnated her and foretold that her son would be the father of a great nation.
Alter m Yiddish
From Yiddish אַלט (alt) meaning "old". This name was traditionally given to a sickly newborn by Jewish parents in order to confuse the Angel of Death, in the hopes that he would go looking for somebody younger or somebody else.
Amadi 2 m Yoruba (Rare)
Possibly means "seemed destined to die at birth" in Yoruba.
Asha 2 f Swahili
From Swahili ishi meaning "live, exist".
Awiti f Luo
Means "thrown away" in Luo, possibly used for a child born prematurely.
Ber m Yiddish
Means "bear" in Yiddish, a vernacular form of Dov.
Chaim m Hebrew
Derived from the Hebrew word חַיִּים (chayyim) meaning "life". It has been used since medieval times.
Chaya f Hebrew
Derived from Hebrew חָיָה (chayah) meaning "living", considered a feminine form of Chaim.
Chidiegwu m Igbo (Rare)
Means "God is awe-inspiring" in Igbo.
Chimwala m & f Yao
Means "stone" in Yao.
Dikeledi f Tswana
Means "tears" in Tswana.
Gantulga m Mongolian
Means "steel cooking stand" in Mongolian, from ган (gan) meaning "steel" and тулга (tulga) meaning "cooking stand".
Gwandoya m Ganda
Means "met with misery" in Luganda.
Hayyim m Hebrew
Alternate transcription of Hebrew חַיִּים (see Chaim).
Idir m Berber
Means "alive" in Tamazight.
Masozi m & f Tumbuka
Means "tears" in Tumbuka.
Mavuto m Chewa
Means "troubles, problems" in Chewa.
Meshullam m Biblical, Biblical Hebrew
Means "friend, ally" in Hebrew, derived from שָׁלַם (shalam) meaning "to be complete, to be at peace". This is the name of many characters in the Old Testament.
Nayden m Bulgarian
Means "found", derived from Bulgarian найда (nayda) meaning "to find".
Nergüi m & f Mongolian
Means "no name" in Mongolian. This name was traditionally given in order to mislead bad spirits.
Netsai f Shona
From Shona netsa meaning "trouble, annoy, bother".
Nkemdilim f Igbo
Means "that which is mine belongs to me" in Igbo.
Tambudzai f Shona
From Shona tambudza meaning "make trouble, frustrate".
Tichaona m Shona
Means "we will see" from Shona ticha "we will" and ona "see".
Vuk m Serbian
Means "wolf" in Serbian.
Záviš m Czech (Rare)
Derived from Czech závist meaning "envy".
Zhivko m Bulgarian, Macedonian
Bulgarian form of Živko, as well as an alternate transcription for Macedonian.