Names Categorized "ends in -pina"

This is a list of names in which the categories include ends in -pina.
Agripina f Spanish
Spanish form of Agrippina.
Agrippina f Ancient Roman, Sicilian
Feminine derivative of Agrippa. This name was borne by the scheming mother of the Roman emperor Nero, who eventually had her killed. This was also the name of a 3rd-century Roman saint who is venerated in Sicily.
Despina f Greek
Modern Greek form of Despoina.
Filipina f Polish (Rare)
Polish feminine form of Filip.
Giuseppina f Italian
Feminine form of Giuseppe.
Philippina f German (Rare)
Elaborated form of Philippa.
Pina f Italian
Short form of names ending in pina.
Proserpina f Roman Mythology
Means "to emerge" in Latin. She was the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Persephone.