Names Categorized "English footballers"

This is a list of names in which the categories include English footballers.
Akeem m African American
Perhaps a variant of Hakim.
Amari m & f African American (Modern)
Meaning uncertain, perhaps from Arabic Ammar. This name has risen in popularity in America at the same time as similar-sounding names such as Jamari and Kamari.
Charlee f English (Modern)
Feminine variant of Charlie.
Devante m African American (Modern)
Combination of the phonetic elements da, von and tay. DeVanté Swing (1969-), stage name of Donald DeGrate Jr., was a singer with the group Jodeci. His name dramatically rose in popularity in the early 1990s when the group released their first successful songs, though it soon began to recede again.... [more]
Ebony f African American
From the English word ebony for the black wood that comes from the ebony tree. It is ultimately from the Egyptian word hbnj. In America this name is most often used in the black community.
Eniola f & m Yoruba
Means "person of wealth" in Yoruba.
Florrie f English
Diminutive of Florence or Flora.
Korey m English
Variant of Corey.
Ritchie m English
Variant of Richie.
Shania f English (Modern)
In the case of singer Shania Twain (1965-), who chose it as her stage name, it was apparently based on an Ojibwe phrase meaning "on my way".
Sylvan m English
Either a variant of Silvanus or directly from the Latin word silva meaning "wood, forest".
Wayne m English
From an occupational surname meaning "wagon maker", derived from Old English wægn "wagon". Use of it as a given name can be partly attributed to the popularity of the actor John Wayne (1907-1979). Another famous bearer is Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky (1961-), generally considered the greatest player in the history of the sport.