Names Categorized "rare Arabic"

This is a list of names in which the categories include rare Arabic.
Sabah ad-Din m Arabic (Rare)
Means "morning of religion", derived from Arabic صباح (sabah) meaning "morning" and دين (din) meaning "religion".
Zaida f Arabic (Rare), Spanish
Feminine form of Zayd. This was the name of a Muslim princess who took refuge at the court of (and perhaps married) Alfonso VI of León and Castile in the 11th century.
Zuhra 2 f Arabic (Rare)
Means "brilliancy, light" in Arabic, derived from the root زهر (zahara) meaning "to shine". This name is written identically to the related name Zahrah, though it is pronounced differently.
Zulaykha f Arabic (Rare)
Arabic form of Zuleika.