Names Categorized "Saturn"

This is a list of names in which the categories include Saturn.
Saturn m Roman Mythology (Anglicized)
From the Latin Saturnus, which is of unknown meaning. In Roman mythology he was the father of Jupiter, Juno and others, and was also the god of agriculture. This is also the name of the ringed sixth planet in the solar system.
Saturnina f Ancient Roman, Spanish
Feminine form of Saturninus. This was the name of a legendary saint who was supposedly martyred in northern France.
Saturnino m Spanish, Italian (Rare), Portuguese (Rare)
Spanish, Italian and Portuguese form of Saturninus.
Saturninus m Ancient Roman
Roman cognomen derived from the name of the Roman god Saturnus (see Saturn). This was the name of several early saints.
Shani 2 m Hinduism
From the Sanskrit name of the planet Saturn. This is the name of a celestial Hindu god.