Mohawk Names

These names are used by the Mohawk (Kanienkehaka) people of New York, Ontario and Quebec. Mohawk children are traditionally given a name that is unique to their community, and it is not reused while the bearer is alive. It is considered inappropriate for outsiders to use these names.
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KANIEHTIIO f Native American, Mohawk
Means "beautiful snow" in Mohawk.
KAWISENHAWE f Native American, Mohawk
Means "she holds the ice" in Mohawk.
ODESERUNDIYE m Native American, Mohawk
Means "lightning has struck" in Mohawk. This was the name of an 18th-century Mohawk chief, also called John Deseronto.
TEKAKWITHA f Native American, Mohawk
Means "she who bumps into things" or "she who puts things in place" in Mohawk. Tekakwitha, also named Kateri, was the first Native American Catholic saint.
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