Albanian Presidents and Prime Ministers

This list is comprised of Presidents (Albanian Presidenti) and Prime Ministers (Kryeministri) of Albania. The President is the head of state, while the Prime Minister is the head of government. The offices were established in the years following 1912 when Albania declared independence from the Ottoman Empire.
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NameYearsTypeOther Names
Ismail Qemali1912-1914prime minister(Qemal)
Fejzi Alizoti1914prime minister
Turhan Përmeti1914; 1918-1920prime minister
Essad Pasha Toptani1914-1916prime minister(Esad)
Sulejman Delvina1920prime minister
Iliaz Vrioni1920-1921; 1924; 1924-1925prime minister
Pandeli Evangjeli1921prime minister
Qazim Koculi1921prime minister
Hasan Prishtina1921prime minister
Idhomene Kosturi1921prime minister
Xhafer Ypi1921-1922prime minister
Ahmet Zogu1922-1924; 1925-1928prime minister; president(Zog, Muhtar)
Fan Noli1924prime minister(Theofan, Stilian)
Kostaq Kota1928-1930; 1936-1939prime minister
Mehdi Frashëri1935-1936; 1943prime minister
Shefqet Vërlaci1939-1941prime minister
Mustafa Merlika-Kruja1941-1943prime minister
Eqrem Libohova1943prime minister
Maliq Bushati1943prime minister
Rexhep Mitrovica1943-1944prime minister
Enver Hoxha1944-1954prime minister(Halil)
Ibrahim Biçakçiu1944prime minister
Omer Nishani1946-1953president
Mehmet Shehu1954-1981prime minister(Ismail)
Adil Çarçani1981-1991prime minister
Fatos Nano1991; 1997-1998; 2002-2005prime minister(Thanas)
Ramiz Alia1991-1992president(Tafë)
Ylli Bufi1991prime minister
Vilson Ahmeti1991-1992prime minister
Sali Berisha1992-1997; 2005-2013president; prime minister
Aleksandër Meksi1992-1997prime minister(Gabriel)
Bashkim Fino1997prime minister
Rexhep Meidani1997-2002president(Qemal)
Pandeli Majko1998-1999; 2002prime minister
Ilir Meta1999-2002prime minister
Alfred Moisiu2002-2007president(Spiro)
Bamir Topi2007-2012president(Myrteza)
Bujar Nishani2012-president(Faik)
Edi Rama2013-prime minister