Devilqueen's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark
Angelica f  I don't know why but I love this name + not many people are called it 
Chantal f  This name has class 
Gabby m & f  For a girl this is gorgeous 
Kiara f  This name is beautiful. It's not just names that end with the sound 'ee' that sound nice 
Monica f  So lovely. Plus it reminds me of Monica off of 'Friends'. Best TV show ever! 
Phoebe f  This is very cute. This name also reminds me of the character out of 'friends'. And she's my fav 
Rosanna f  I don't really like Rose, i don't really like Anna but put them together and it rocks! 
Tara 1 f  I only recently developed a love for this name. I really like it now 
Tia f  How pretty is this? 
Tiffany f  My fav of all time!! It's just soooooooooo pretty!