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Name Udzuki
Gender Feminine & Masculine
Scripts 卯月, 宇月, 右月 (kanji), うづき (hiragana), ウヅキ (katakana)
Pronounced Pron. UU-ZUU-KEE, UU-DZUU-KEE
Other Forms FormsUzuki
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Meaning & History

This rarely used name can be used as 卯月 (unisex), 宇月 or 右月 (both feminine) with 卯 (bou, mou, u) meaning "east, sign of the hare/rabbit (4th sign of the Chinese zodiac)", 宇 (u) meaning "eaves, heaven, house, roof", 右 (u, yuu, migi) meaning "right" and 月 (gatsu, getsu, tsuki) meaning "month, moon."

Udzuki/Uzuki (卯月) is the traditional name for April and its meaning is being referred to as the "u-no-hana month" where the u-no-hana (卯の花, うのはな) is a flower belonging to the Deutzia genus.

This name is rarely given to children, if given at all.
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