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Name Taiga
Gender Masculine & Feminine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 大河, 大我, 大芽, 大賀, 大雅, 太我, 太河, 太芽, 太賀, 太雅, 泰河, 泰我, 泰芽, 泰賀, 泰雅 (kanji), たいが (hiragana), タイガ (katakana)
Pronounced Pron. TAH-EE-GAH
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Meaning & History

This name combines 大 (tai, dai, oo.kii) meaning "big, large", 太 (ta, tai, futo.i, meaning "big around, plump, thick" or 泰 (tai) meaning "calm, easy, peace, peaceful, Thailand" with 河 (ka, kawa) meaning "river", 我 (ga, wa,, waga-, ware) meaning "ego, I, oneself, our, selfish", 芽 (ga, me) meaning "bud, germ, spear, sprout", 賀 (ga) meaning "congratulations, joy" or 雅 (ga, meaning "elegant, graceful, gracious, refined."

All the kanji used with Taiga, with the exception of 大河, are given to boys only. In the case for 大河, it is a unisex name.

Taiga (大河) refers to a large river and it can be added to other words like 大河ドラマ/たいがドラマ/taigadorama (taiga drama) and 大河小説/たいがしょうせつ/taigashōsetsu (roman-fleuve).

Bearers of this name include Japanese painter and calligrapher Ike no Taiga (池 大雅) (1723–1776), Taiga Aisaka (逢坂 大河) who is one of the main (female) characters of light novel and manga, Toradora, and TV & movie actor Taiga (太賀) (1993-).

In recent years, this name can also be used in reference to the word 'tiger,' which is usually written as タイガー.
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