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Name Marino
Gender Feminine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 毬乃, 茉莉乃, 茉莉野, 真梨乃, 真梨野, 真里乃, 真理乃, 麻里乃, 麻莉乃, 麻莉野, 万莉乃, 万梨乃, 万理乃, 舞里乃 (kanji), まりの (hiragana), マリノ (katakana)
Pronounced Pron. MAH-ṘEE-NO
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Meaning & History

This name is used as either 毬乃 or one of the 3 kanji combinations shown above. The kanji used are 毬 (kyuu, iga, mari) meaning "ball," 茉莉 (ma(tsu)ri) meaning "jasmine," made up of 茉 (batsu, ma, matsu) and 莉 (rai, ri, rei), 真 (shin, ma, ma-, makoto) meaning "real, truth," 梨 (ri, nashi) meaning "pear tree," 里 (ri, sato) meaning "parent's home, ri (unit of distance - equal to 3.927 km), village," 理 (ri, kotowari) meaning "logic, justice, reason, truth," 麻 (ma, maa, asa) meaning "flax, hemp," 万 (ban, man, yorozu, ma) meaning "ten thousand", 舞 (bu, mai, ma.u, -ma.u) meaning "circle, dance, flit, wheel," 乃 (ai, dai, nai, no, sunawa.chi, nanji, no) meaning "accordingly, from, wherefore" and 野 (sho, ya, no, no-) meaning "field, plain."

This name is unrelated to the masculine name MARINO, which has a wholly different origin.
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