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Name Kamui
Gender Masculine
Scripts 可夢偉, 華夢衣, 華夢威, 夏夢生, 加夢意, 嘉夢威 (kanji), かむい (hiragana), カムイ (katakana)
Pronounced Pron. KAH-MUU-EE
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Meaning & History

This name can be used as 可夢偉, 華夢衣, 華夢威, 夏夢生, 加夢意 or 嘉夢威 with 可 (ka, kou,, -be.shi) meaning "can, passable, possible," 華 (ka, ke, hana) meaning "flower," 夏 (ka, ga, ge, natsu) meaning "summer", 加 (ka, kuwa.eru, kuwa.waru) meaning "add, include, join," 嘉 (ka, yoi, yomi.suru) meaning "applaud, esteem, praise," 夢 (bou, mu, kura.i, yume, yume.miru) meaning "dream, illusiom, vision," 偉 (i, era.i) meaning "excellent, greatness, distinguished," 衣 (i, e, kinu, -gi, koromo) meaning "clothes, garment," 威 (i, odo.kasu, odo.shi, meaning "dignity, majesty, authority," 生 (shou, sei, i.kiru, i.keru, -u, u.mare, o.u, ki,, ha.eru) meaning "birth, genuine, life" and 意 (i) meaning "intention, mind, will, thought."

As a word, Kamui (カムイ), which is normally written as Kamuy (カムィ), refers to a spiritual/divine being in Ainu mythology. Personified deities like Repun Kamuy (god of the sea, depicted as a killer whale or an orca) and Chikap Kamuy (god of the owls and the land, depicted as a great owl) often have Kamuy applied as part of their names.

Bearers of this name include manga artist and character designer Kamui Fujiwara (藤原 カムイ) (1959-) and racing driver Kamui Kobayashi (小林 可夢偉) (1986-).

This name is rarely given to boys, if given at all.
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